Smallest audio PC (ZBOX pico PI225)

"I bought it to replace an Android-based DAP (Fiio M15) for desktop audio playback. The USB output of any Android device always has various issues. I directly transferred the SD card from the DAP to the mini PC and used JRiver to output audio via USB. It's compact ,light, noise-free, low-heat, and low energy consumption. I don't even need a display connected because I use a Bluetooth remote to control the audio playback. Furthermore, I set the JRiver to auto-start with Windows and auto play after startup. So, I only need to connect the mini PC to the DAC-Amp stack (Topping 90s) and press the power button. My music library starts playing in about half minute. What's even better is that I found the mini PC could be powered by a powerbank with DP support. This is the most versatile and reliable music player I own so far."

Source: Amazon