Impact Display Solutions fanless Ryzen PC review

"Impact Components specializes in building industrial PCs with specialized hardware and motherboards. Certain models have active cooling while the review unit here is fanless. Let's stress and benchmark the system to see how a passively cooled chassis can handle a low-power 12 to 25 W AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B CPU.

When running Prime95 to stress the CPU, clock rates would boost to 2.9 GHz for just a few seconds before dipping slightly and stabilizing at 2.8 GHz. After 20 minutes or so, however, core temperature eventually reaches 100 C which forces clock rates to drop much steeper to the 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz range as shown by the screenshots below. Running Witcher 3 is more representative of real-world loads. In this scenario, core temperature remains stable at 75 C.

Prime95 shows that the passive cooling of the chassis is not enough to fully support CPU Turbo clock rates for extended periods. Clock rates can start as high as 2.9 GHz before inevitably falling to as low as 1.8 GHz when core temperature inevitably hits 100 C. It appears that even a massive aluminum heat sink isn't able to run the ULV CPU at maximum performance indefinitely."

Source: Notebookcheck