Small cases collection

These cool-looking aluminum PC cases are coming out of nowhere, and are perfect for convection / passive cooling (we're talking low-power builds here). The 5.5-liter KABIOU A1 ITX is only 8.07 x 4.29 x 9.96-inch, the 10.3-liter KABIOU B1 ITX is 12.2 x 5.51 x 9.33-inch, the 11-liter KABIOU B2 ITX is 12.2 x 5.51 x 9.65-inch, and the KABIOU B3 MATX is 12.83 x 6.34 x 10.82-inch. The A1 ITX only supports hard-to-find FLEX-1U PSUs while the others support regular SFX-L power supplies, including the SilverStone Fanless NJ450.