Fanless OpenBSD desktop

"I already had my heart set on the Streacom DB4 fanless case, though I waffled a bit between the black and titanium colors before choosing black. The case as-is can dissipate enough heat for a 65W processor, though Streacom offers a separate heat-pipe add-on that can support up to 110W. I purchased a Streacom ST-ZF240 ZeroFlex 240W PSU because it was also fanless. I’ve used a nanoPSU before but heard coil whine from it so I didn’t want to go that route again.

I didn’t quite appreciate how large and heavy the DB4 case is until it arrived. Fully assembled with everything in it, it weighs over 20 pounds and has a footprint of 10”x10”x11”. The main bulk of the case is held up 2” off the surface by two large feet, which only leaves 2” between the motherboard and my table. This makes it a bit difficult to plug in certain cables like a DisplayPort cable with a large connector, but my desk has a grommet in the corner where the case sits so the majority of the cables can pass straight down through the desk."

Source: Joshua Stein