Streacom's TX13 thermal paste press release

"Whilst considering how best to reduce waste on our existing products, we realized one key accessory we include with many of our products was a major contributor to plastic waste… tubes of thermal paste!

We knew this had to be improved but rather than just do away with the plastic dispenser tubes or limit this to something we bundle exclusively with our products, we wanted to improve all aspects of thermal paste application and make a great product on its own right.

Performance – It had to be great, at least on par with comparable products, so we chose a formulation that has a thermal conductivity rating of 13.4W/m-k and as it’s a traditional non-reactive compound, it can be used on any surface without the worry of corrosion or electrical conductivity.

Packaging – Goes without saying that the packaging had to reduce environmental impact, so the plastic application tube has been replaced by coated foil sachets and we won’t include any plastic spreader, not that you should need one for most application methods. The retail pack is made from recycled paper with single color printing and will be the first product to contribute to ‘Eden’ with a tree being planted for every pack sold, more than making up for the packaging material used.

Quantity – For years the recommended amount of thermal paste to apply has been defined as ‘a pea-size blob’, but how much is that? Turns out it’s about 0.25g, so we decided to take the guesswork out of that. Each sachet will contain that tried and tested amount of thermal paste for the perfect application. Using sachets also means that each application is guaranteed to be fresh and you know exactly how many applications you have left.

For more information on TX13 thermal paste, please check the product page."

Source: Streacom