Stunning Ryzen PC

"I've had aspirations to build a Woodgrain/Beige PC for that retro styling. My goal was to build a modest 1080p APU gaming rig for running legacy game systems through RetroArch and if possible modern titles at 720/1080p low/med. While I normally play HZD off my 2070S for maximum visuals, this little APU with NO FAN can drive HZD at 1080 low/tweaked med settings. It's definitely not the way the game should be experienced, but it WORKS!

The Ryzen 5700G in this fanless config has its limits for sure. The RAM is set for the default XMP 3200 profile and PBO set to Auto. If I actively cooled it the performance metrics would probably be a bit higher. However, playing Hades for 4 hours at 1080p in my 23° ambient room hovered my thermals ~70°C for the duration of play. I am THRILLED with how this thing performs, even with no fans."

Source: PCPartPicker