cirrus7 incus / Ryzen 5600G build

"Elegant, fanless case for the Asrock Deskmini 300. The machining and finish is very nice, some details are not perfect but it looks very good. And it's massive. Everything is (very) solid metal so the case is quite heavy. There are versions for 35W and 65W CPUs, this is the 35W version (you can switch the cTDP on the deskmini btw.), the later one is 24mm wider. But i liked the more symmetrical look of the smaller better and it's more SFF ;) It's roughly the size of a small ITX case. There is also a version for Intel systems.

Of course you need a Deskmini (A or X) 300 system first from witch you swap the motherboard and other elements over into the Incus. The major heatsources are all passively cooled, for the vrm you use the thermal pad from X300, pads for two NVME and the ram are included. And there are even some nice, little heatsinks for the RAM :)"

Source: reddit