Hyundai PC: The reviews are in

And they are not particularly good for the $149.99 mini PC. According to isamudaison, "If you're looking to install an *nix OS, prepare for frustration. The eMMC drive is simply unreliable. 'something' causes lots of soft lock warnings from the kernel (e.g. something is very slow), and I suspect it's the eMMC drive. You can disable in the BIOS, but then you'll need to add a proper sata drive. The BIOS is terribly implemented; you have to get the secure boot settings just right to allow for 'other' OS installs, you can't control anything other than boot order/security" while Brandon Radcliffe notes "I got this locally (Microcenter) to replace a chromebox I had hooked to my tv. For streaming/media it has worked perfect. Its not super powerful so I wouldn't expect it to replace a desktop or proper laptop."