Smallest fanless 5600G build

Streacom's 5-liter mini-ITX case is designed for processors up to 45W TDP and pairing it with the 65W Ryzen 5 5600G requires some tweaking.

"My (Aussie) Father's Day gift (and upcoming birthday) from my wife. SO her request to have Windows is heeded (on the Samsung SSD, Budgie is on the Kingston). Fanless Ryzen 5600g because of ridiculous GPU prices, and my quest for a fanless system. DB1 because it readily ships inside Australia. Would have liked to get an FC8 from Streacom but it's currently out of stock.

5600g was running with: PPT 40W TDC 35W EDC 45W
Curve set to -10 for all cores CPU, -5 for GPU
Cinebench 23: Single 1427, Multi 8600-something.
Stable with ~1hr of Prime95, so that seems fair enough."

Source: reddit