Wenge and copper HTPC

We're not sure if such long and bent heat pipes are very effective or if its side panels are really convection-friendly, but this wood and copper PC is a sight to behold. We wish copper was more widely used for passive cooling. Copper has superior heat conductivity compared to aluminum, it's also three times more expensive.

The Tanager Media Center redefines your expectations of the TV. Experience all your video, music, photo and streaming media within a gorgeous, rich, interface. Seamless and responsive, and controlled by remote control and tablet. The Tanager Media Center is the result of years of design from a skilled engineering team. It brings together powerful media centre functionality, premium quality components, and truly silent operation. A perfectly engineered steel body and wood paneling encloses state-of-the-art electronics, enabling beautiful design and reliable construction. Heat is effectively dissipated using a custom-built cooling system of copper and aluminium, designed for flawless operation in any environment. From conception to construction, Tanager is designed and assembled in Canada.

Source: Tanager