The Turing A50 is back in stock

17 units of the Akasa Turing A50 are currently available for $159.99 in the US. Very limited quantities are also available from Quiet PC in the UK and Cartft.com in Germany. Due to popular demand this particular model features a micro-SD card slot, an important feature of the AMD-powered ASUS PN50 and PN51.

Source: Amazon  

Update: AnandTech reviews the ASUS PN50. "Overall, the ASUS PN50 has some unique features that make the system stand out of the crowd in the Renoir mini-PC market. The feature set makes it very attractive for deployment in SMBs and SMEs, as well as scenarios like digital signage. The competition in the mini-PC market is good news for consumers, but the supply chain issues need to get resolved for the cost benefits to be realized by the end-users.''