OnLogic's IoT Connect Kit : Connect to the Cloud in One Hour

Industrial IoT solution provider, OnLogic (www.onlogic.com), unveiled the "Connect Kit by OnLogic" during a live event on November 11th. Designed as a bundled kit of hardware and software, the Connect Kit allows facilities to easily connect their equipment to the cloud in one hour. Consultation from Cirrus Link Solutions, experts in SCADA and Industrial IoT implementation, is included with the kit to provide guidance. OnLogic indicated that users of the connect kit will be able to begin data collection via Inductive Automation's Ignition Trial software and transfer to AWS cloud services without writing a single line of code.

The kit is available for purchase now by visiting onlogic.com/ckt110 or contacting an OnLogic solutions expert at 802-862-7478.

"Digital transformation, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, call it what you will; essentially it's about connecting the most valuable assets of your business to gain insights into your day to day operations. To meet evolving standards and production goals, facilities need to connect legacy devices, whether on-premise or in the cloud, to minimize operating costs, asset downtime, and increase efficiency," said Carolyn Swan, OnLogic Partnerships Lead. "However, the first step of digital transformation can seem complex and daunting. The Connect Kit is designed to cut through the complexity and offer a simple solution to leverage business intelligence for cost savings."

The Connect Kit by OnLogic includes:

  • A custom-configured OnLogic Karbon 300 Rugged PC w/ Ignition Trial Edition software pre-installed
  • An hour of expert consultation from Cirrus Link Solutions
  • 2 x 6ft. Premium Shielded Ethernet Cables
  • 1 x DisplayPort to HDMI Cable
  • 1 x Computer Port and Dust Blocking Kit
  • 1 x Terminal Block Kit
  • 1 x DIN Mounting Clip
  • 1 x Power Supply

The custom configuration of the AWS IoT Qualified Karbon 300 Rugged PC encompasses both the hardware specifications and the software image applied to the system.

The Connect Kit by OnLogic is expected to be utilized as a "one box" solution for systems integrators to prove the value of digital transformation to prospective customers. The Karbon 300 Rugged PC was chosen for the Kit due to its ability to operate reliably in the wide-range of conditions presented by industries ranging from manufacturing to energy production. The fanless and ventless system is compact to fit into a variety of spaces and enclosures. It offers a wide operating temperature range, variable power input capabilities, and has been tested against MIL-STD-810 standards for shock and vibration.

"I envision system integrators stocking up on our Connect Kit, ready to grab off the shelf and deploy with customers," said Anders Nielsen, OnLogic Business Development Executive. "The ability to show rapid and reliable value is a requirement of a modern business model. What better way to win an integration than to prove the real-world value of connecting the customer's facility in a rapid fashion? While others are still quoting, you can be connecting to the cloud."

For more information about the Connect Kit by OnLogic, visit https://www.onlogic.com/connect.