Quieter disaster

Who knew a fake heat sink case - made out of plastic - would perform poorly? The MeLE Quieter2 is not exactly something we would recommend, especially when similar products from trusted brands are available at similar prices.

"Replaced my Quad-Core i5 desktop with this. Some resource-heavy tasks don't like the system, but normal stuff runs fine. It's about as powerful as a low-priced home/student laptop. It gets pretty warm, so I got an external USB 80mm fan to keep it cool.

The onboard analog audio sucks bigtime. It has a power-saving thing that turns off the card when no media is active. It makes a HUGE pop when you close the media. There is also a loud hiss when the media is idle. I spent the better part of a day trying to disable the power-save thing, but no BIOS setting, Registry entry, or driver swap had any effect. I had to buy a USB audio card it was so bad. I haven't tried the HDMI audio. It might work better. The external USB audio dongle I got works great.

It comes with an Asian version of Windows with English as an option. I wiped the drive and reinstalled a US version of Windows without too much trouble except the drivers are not easy to find. Windows does not recognize most of the hardware."

Source: Amazon