KitGuru reviews The Beast

"Inside The Beast are two giant heatsinks with ten 6mm heat pipes each, equipped with twenty large aluminium fins on the GPU side, one less on the CPU. The fins are spaced wider than you would expect from a normal CPU heatsink as this wider spacing is more suited to the airflow from the natural convection. Running through and connecting the heatsinks to the aluminium chassis panels are two large copper thermal drains that help spread the heat to the case.

Installing a system inside The Beast is very different to a conventional chassis. The motherboard is almost floating inside the case as the only mounting points are via the CPU cooler mounts, the usual standoff and screw approach isn’t used in The Beast, so the motherboard it simply hanging from the CPU cooler, but it is surprisingly firm. The downside for some will be that the motherboard components are not visible or easy to access."

Source: KitGuru