BREAKING: NUC 12 Performance not happening

The mainstream-oriented 4 x 4-inch NUC Performance is discontinued, possibly permanently. The GIGABYTE BRIX, ASUS PN series, and others, are the new mainstream NUC. An Intel-branded 4 x 4-inch business-oriented NUC 12 Pro ("Wall Street Canyon") is still in the cards and coming soon. We believe that it will be very similar to the NUC 11 Pro (pictured) with the inclusion of a 3.5mm headset jack. Five SKUs are planned: two vPro (i5 / i7) and three non-vPro (i3 / i5 / i7) models with slim (M.2 SSD) and tall (SATA drive) options. Interestingly, one HDMI port is downgraded from 2.1 (8K@60Hz) to 2.0b (4K@60Hz). An optional SDXC card reader with SD Express support will be available via the handy expansion module.