Akasa launches the Turing ABX

The next gen Akasa Turing is just around the corner. The Turing ABX is en route to resellers worldwide, including Scan.co.uk, Amazon, Caseking, Jimms PC, Performance-PCs, and will be available in the next 3 weeks. The revamped case features rounded edges, cleaner lines, and a stylish diamond edge finish. The A-NUC76-M1B is compatible with the following Gigabyte Ryzen BRIX: GB-BRR3-4300, GB-BRR5-4500, GB-BRR7-4700, and GB-BRR7-4800. Also coming this month, a smaller chassis designed for the popular ASUS PN50 / PN51 duo, the Newton A50.

Source: Akasa