The return of BIOSTAR

BIOSTAR is set to launch a fanless PC at COMPUTEX TAIPEI. The MiNi PRO MPJ4125 is powered by the 10W Celeron J4125 (Gemini Lake Refresh). The mini-ITX barebone features two SO-DIMM slots, six USB ports, HDMI, LAN, and optional WiFi. "Fanless design, low noise. Equipped with 4-core Intel J4125 processor, Supports 4K monitors, and dual-monitors output, which is convenient for multi-tasking of documents. Dual storage device design ( SSD & M.2 SSD ), and provides USB 3.1 port, it is an all-round mini-computer, suitable for home entertainment and handling your file in computer." Nothing too exciting considering that several Jasper Lake options are available, but the form factor is interesting and BIOSTAR is known for affordable, no-nonsense products. 


The official MPJ4125 page is up