cirrus7 nimbini review

"I’ve been using my Cirrus7 Media Edition Rock server for a couple of months now. I really love it. I power it on using my Asus Router Wifi app, but it is connected to the router via lan cable. Really works well. I currently use an external usb 2tb drive, but will eventually replace it with a 2tb internal ssd - Cause now the PC is so quiet, I can hear the drive spinning. I ordered the 10th Gen i5 -10210u with 16gb ram and 512 ssd. I asked if they could build it into the smaller case as I preferred the slimmer look of it. They confirmed that the smaller case is supported for up to the i5, but not i7. He actually stated the hexacore of the i7 needs the bigger cooling. For those of you who don’t prefer the square look, it can be changed, depending on the spec. My unit did come with rubber feet pre-attached, which I don’t mind. I actually prefer it. It’s stuck on, so not easily removed. Reason why I went with higher memory and ssd was that if I ever wanted to use it as a Windows desktop, it is sufficiently spec’d.

I really love it and for the price, can honestly recommend it. With the i5, I’ve had no lag issues and I’ve listened to high quality files that normally buffered on my Intel i7-4720HQ laptop, which I used as my roon server up to now. Files include 768khz and 512 dsd files. No issues. I don’t upscale any audio. Although, I downscale those large files to play on my dac, so there are some processing involved. I usually leave it playing for a couple of hours and it felt slight warm to the touch. SO cooling works well for the unit."

Source: Community Roonlabs