Is this the future of cooling? (probably not)

"For a long, long time, PCs have been chasing the idea of “no moving parts” as a platonic ideal for efficiency and reliability. And for just as long, active cooling has been an impediment to this goal: for high-powered electronics, you just can’t beat a fan and moving air for cooling stuff down. Or can you? Frore Systems’ AirJet is a radical solid-state approach to active cooling, and Gordon has the scoop at CES 2023. Frore’s founder and CEO Seshu Madhavapeddy was kind enough to give PCWorld the low-down on this emerging tech, which has the potential to upend the way high-powered laptops are built. The “magic” of AirJet is a combination of exotic materials, geometry, and physics: the 2.8mm chip has cavities in the top full of vibrating membranes, which blast cool air across the heat spreader underneath, cooling down a CPU or other component. Despite the miniscule dimensions, the AirJet can send individual air particles whooshing over the heat spreader at up to 200 kilometers per hour." 

Spurce: PCWorld