NUC 12 Pro kits Ultimate Review

"Our performance evaluation showed that the NUC 12 Pro kits deliver tangible improvements over their Tiger Lake counterparts. Compared to the ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-1260P, the two actively-cooled kits have a much better power consumption and performance profile. Our doubts regarding the performance per watt metric for Alder Lake-P were laid to rest after our detailed investigation into the Wall Street Canyon NUC kits.

On the fanless front, the Bleu Jour Meta 12 is an interesting product that can only improve with more attention to BIOS tuning. The design itself could also do with some improvements in terms of SSD cooling support (the regular NUC 12 Pro kits have a better passive thermal solution for the storage subsystem compared to the Meta 12). Hopefully, the performance and temperature profile of the Meta 12 can change for the better before the product hits the market."

Source: AnandTech