NUC 13 Pro reviews round-up

AnandTech: Intel's Raptor Lake-P is quite close to Alder Lake-P architecturally. The core counts, cache sizes, and heterogeneous combinations are pretty much equivalent. Under such circumstances, it is indeed surprising that just process advancements have enabled Raptor Lake-P to provide satisfactory improvements in performance as well as power efficiency over Alder Lake-P.

How-to Geek: If you’re looking for a PC but don’t want to take up a ton of space or run up your electricity bill by leaving it on all day, the Intel NUC 13 Pro is a perfect option. Even if you don’t run as much RAM as we had in our review unit, the powerful processor means that standard productivity apps will run quickly and smoothly.

StorageReview: Intel’s NUC 13 Pro packs versatile computing power into a space-saving design. This mini-PC will work well in homes and businesses, especially retail, where every square inch counts or if you simply want a minimal footprint for aesthetics or security.