The Akasa Turing as a music server

"Several years ago, I sold a very nice, expensive, music server to free up funds for better speakers, and sought a more cost effective one to manage and serve my digital recordings, streamed high res services like Qobuz and quality internet radio stations. It wasn't long until I discovered the Intel NUC. Dialing it in with Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK), which eliminates nonessential programs and delivers Roon Labs' premium music player and management software to NUCs and other customized, dedicated hardware solutions. I was quite pleased with the results.

However, there remained the issue of its tiny fan noise; though hardly noticeable, it popped up now and again—and I knew it was only going to get worse over time. My friend, Joe, confirmed that fear; the fan in his Intel NUC (that's a little older than mine) was running longer and louder. And what would happen when the fan finally fails?

Scouting options, I soon realized that a number of servers that cost thousands more really weren't better at delivering the music—just a little different, if anything—and I decided that I did not want to replace my NUC, but simply find a good, fanless case for it. By going fanless, I would have less moving parts, thereby enhancing its longevity while addressing the noise issue. I then began scouring the internet for cases suitable for my Intel NUC10FNH model."

Source: Positive Feedback