Ethereum rig with ZERO noise

"While I've been very happy with my staking rig, an ASUS PN50 with a Ryzen 4300U, I recently came across the Akasa Newton A50, a third-party case which claims to improve cooling and eliminate noise. Btw I had no real complaints with noise, my rig was fairly quiet, but the fans would whir up occasionally which was sometimes annoying as the rig is located in my apartment, so I thought, lemme give this upgrade a go. The Akasa is basically just a heavy, fanless, heatsink, and performs very well. It's quite small, only slightly larger than the PN50. I'd say the Akasa is maybe 1/3rd the size of a shoebox. The whole upgrade took me probably 2 hours, to dismantle the PN50, and transfer the motherboard, CPU, SSD, and RAM."

Source: reddit