All-new C Series ZOTAC ZBOX

ZOTAC announces a Raptor Lake-powered fanless ZBOX, but we're not holding our breath. The previous Alder Lake generation never materialized (we're still waiting for the little CI342 too). Meet the CI669 nano (i7-1355U) CI649 nano (i5-1335U) and CI629 nano (i3-1315U).

"At only 1.79 liters, 68mm tall, and with three Intel Core configurations (i3/i5/i7) available, the new C Series nano lineup delivers the right performance at every level of work, thanks to their multi-core, multi-threaded processing power. The honeycomb-patterned ventilation and the massive heatsink of the C Series nano design allow for maximum heat dissipation and breathability to keep the processor performing at peak speeds for longer. Since there are no moving parts in the C Series nano lineup, these mini PCs offer a completely silent operation, but also provides maximum longevity and increased day-to-day operability with minimal wear-and-tear."