Best fanless PCs of 2023

The entry-level ASUS PN42 is powered by the snappy Intel N100 processor and is perfect for day to day office and HTPC duties. The PN42 is sold as a barebone (bring your own RAM and storage). Update: Don't buy it! According to multiple sources and customer reviews, this model throttles like nobody's business.

Simply NUC's Arena Canyon Porcoolpine is the rugged version of Intel's trusty NUC 13 Pro. Featuring CPUs up the i7-1360P, the system is configurable with up to 64GB of RAM and a massive 16TB of storage.

The turbocharged Fanless TX-Series by Atlast Solutions! combines the i7-13700T (Raptor Lake) and Akasa's Euler case for workstation-class performance, in total silence.