i9-13900 Streacom DB1 build

"One tip if you want to reproduce the build. The thermal paste is really important. After I built it initially, I saw that it was running fairly hot. Later on, I redid it (since I managed to break the first motherboard I had after flashing the bios). When I redid the build, I got 2 x 5.5g Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut tubes. They come with a really nice applicator that allows you to put down a thin and even layer. I put an even layer over both sides of the copper plate that comes with the cooler, as well as where the cooler touches the case. It took a lot of paste, but it made a huge difference on thermals. Now, the CPU is running at 55C when idle. At full load over prolonged periods of time, it runs at about 80C. At peak load for short periods of time, it hits 100C and gets throttled sometimes but 90C is more typical. Note that you have control over these temperatures with the power limits."

Source: PCPartPicker