M.2 heatsinks review roundup

Thermalright HR-09: "The thermal results were insane, I almost couldn’t believe what I saw during testing. With a temperature of only 52C during testing, Thermalright’s HR-09 Pro ran a massive 30 degrees cooler than a basic NVMe heatsink like BeQuiet’s MC1. I don’t think it needs to be pointed out, but this incredibly strong performance is the best thermal result I’ve seen from any SSD cooler thus far."

Ineo Ice-Cold M12: "Ineo’s m.2 heatsink is visually stunning with it’s array of copper heatpipes, but they’re not just for looks – they effectively dissipate heat from a SSD much stronger than traditional NVMe heatsinks. That increased cooling effectiveness doesn’t translate into much higher benchmark performance – at least not when restricted to PCI-e 4 speeds – but those lower temperatures will translate into a longer drive reliability and lifespan."

Sabrent Rocket SB-HTSP: "At first glance, these results might not look so good – it’s near the bottom of the list after all! However, only the bottom four results are low profile coolers. Of the seven low profile NVMe heatsinks I’ve tested – only 4 of them, including Sabrent’s SB-HTSP Rocket, are able to sustain peak performance. In this sense, Sabrent’s Rocket offers the 2nd best value of any low profile heatsink I’ve tested thus far."

Source: Boring Text Reviews