Meet Bloodhound by Simply NUC

Bloodhound, by Simply NUC is the next key piece of your IT solution, from network security and redundancy to edge computing and analysis, Bloodhound can do it all. Loaded with an Intel Celeron N5105 CPU, and paired with up to 32GB of RAM to enable faster operations, and up to 8TB of storage for bulk data or storing local CCTV footage, and anything in between. Contact Simply NUC today to find out how Bloodhound can address the pain points of your business today.

Bloodhound comes out of the box with three 2.5Gb LAN ports, giving you the flexibility you need to connect multiple IP devices, provide additional networking capabilities, or to cut down on overall cabling by utilizing the built-in PoE+ on the primary LAN port to power your device. Easily integrate your Bloodhound device into hard to reach places thanks to its slim form factor and the included VESA mount, but keep it accessible by connecting an external power source and status LEDs with the front panel header, allowing you access to your Bloodhound device when mounted out of view.  Bloodhound can serve a variety of rugged deployments such as an edge firewall, an edge server for IP cameras, or an IoT gateway.

Bloodhound is an ultra small form factor device, coming in at just under 0.5L, built in a fanless all metal outer chassis with no moving parts, removing the risk of fan failure bringing down your device or IoT network. Bloodhound is IP53 rated, 24/7 tested, and has an operating temperature of 0-60C, making it ideal for deployment in a wide array of environments, from dusty warehouse floors, to external wayfinding kiosks, to outdoor installations with spraying water. Bloodhound is a rugged device, designed to last.

Source: Simply NUC