Tranquil IT's Rugged Intel Range

The Fanless Mini - Intel J4125 is Tranquil's entry level computer, which has great flexibility. Other features include HDMI and USB3.0. The Fanless Mini Rugged is a versatile product ensuring reliability with a wide range of I/O options.

The Fanless Mini Rugged 10th Gen is a versatile and reliable product with a range of I/O options. Its inclusion of legacy IO such as RS232 allows for connectivity with older devices. Additionally, features like HDMI and USB 3.0 provide compatibility with modern peripherals and high-speed data transfer. Powered by upto an i7 processor it handles various tasks efficiently. This feature makes it suitable for applications that require processing capabilities beyond basic computing needs.

The Fanless Mini 12th Gen rugged computer is powered by up to an i7 processor. Our Industrial rugged Fanless Mini is designed to operate in harsh environments where standard consumer-grade computers would not be able to function reliably. These environments can include extreme temperatures, high levels of dust and moisture, and exposure to physical shock and vibration, commonly used in industries like manufacturing, aerospace, military, and agriculture.

Fanless NUC - Intel 10th Gen. Its small footprint makes the Fanless NUC ideal for locations where space is at a premium, such as kiosks or mobile transport applications. Performance is not compromised the solution can house up to an i7 processor despite its small size. Its 2 video outputs make this little system great for workstations or CCTV monitoring systems whilst its high IP rating enables it to run in less than clean environments 24/7.