Streacom's fanless gaming PC case is official

The SG10 can provide an incredible 600W of total combined cooling for the CPU and GPU without any fans or moving parts. The SG10 uses a type of phase change cooling technology called Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) to deliver this unparalleled performance. Unlike traditional heat pipes, where the phase change of the working fluid happens in opposing directions within the tube, the LHP phase change cycle occurs in a continuous flow around the loop, significantly improving the performance.

Whilst loop heat pipes are not a new concept, what is new and what makes this LHP different is both the patented design of the evaporator developed by Calyos and the highly optimized condenser designed by Streacom. This cooperation and ability to combine design and manufacturing expertise were critical and fundamental to its development.

Many other unique features make this case special, such as the diagonal fully adjustable motherboard and GPU mounting system or the modular IO panels that can be placed anywhere along the case’s front or back (that are actually symmetrical). Compatibility has also been an important consideration with a modular approach to GPU cooling that will allow for broader brand/model support over time.

The SG10 Copper Edition will be available for pre-order shortly, with an estimated shipping date of May 2024. This extended time frame allows for the assembly and integration process that will take place in Belgium and, more critically, to complete the collection of GPU choice data from customers and the subsequent fabrication of these cold plates accordingly. The price of the Copper Edition is 1200EUR

The SG10 (not Copper Edition) will be available in Black and Silver variants and is expected to go into the product after the Copper Edition is complete; the exact ETA is TBD. This version features Aluminium fins on the condenser and is priced at 1000EUR. 

Source: Streacom