The ASUS NUC 13 Rugged is official

When we exclusively previewed it last spring, it was called the Intel NUC 13 Rugged. Meet the ASUS NUC 13 Rugged, featuring two models. A flat version powered by the humble Intel N50 (6W TDP), and a tall iteration powered by a beefier Alder Lake-N Atom (up to 12W TDP).

"Unlock unparalleled performance, connectivity, and reliability with ASUS NUC 13 Rugged kits and boards. Expertly crafted in a fanless, dust-resistant ruggedized chassis, these devices showcase the perfect synergy of power and durability. Featuring the Intel® Processor N50 and Intel® Atom® processors, ASUS NUC 13 Rugged devices are tailor-made for applications that demand resilience against dust exposure, shocks, and vibration. Select kits are engineered to endure extended external ambient temperatures (0-50°C on tall chassis), ensuring unwavering performance even in the most demanding conditions. Elevate your computing experience with the ideal blend of strength and sophistication

This innovative ASUS NUC 13 Rugged solution transcends the traditional notion of a PC. It stands as a resilient, potent, and robust edge computing platform capable of fueling a myriad of today’s critical and demanding use cases. Whether for work, home office, business, or industrial applications, the ASUS NUC 13 Rugged’s versatility opens up new opportunities and possibilities for partners throughout their value chain. ASUS NUC 13 Rugged features the Intel® Atom® x7425E / Intel® Atom® x7211E / Intel® Processor N50, delivering robust performance. It is equipped with Intel® UHD Graphics integrated with an IPU for enhanced graphics capabilities. The Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 comes pre-installed in the M.2 slot for most kit SKUs, complemented by external antennas on the chassis, ensuring reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity. Storage-wise, it boasts a 64 GB eMMC soldered-down and includes an M.2 2280 key M slot, providing support for PCIe x2 NVMe SSD for expanded storage options.

The NUC boasts several standout features that enhance its performance and durability. Operating within an extended temperature range of 0-50°C, it excels in diverse environments, particularly applicable to tall chassis setups. Its IP50-rated fanless and dust-resistant chassis, complete with cover plugs for unused ports, ensures robust protection against environmental elements. Furthermore, the NUC is qualified for 24x7 sustained operation, underscoring its reliability for long-term and intensive usage."

Source: ASUS