Turing Duo Pro announced

Akasa is making things simpler. The new Turing Duo Pro supports both Intel and AMD mini PCs, namely the ASUS PN53 and ASUS PN64.

"Designed for ASUS ExpertCenter PN53 with AMD Ryzen 9 6000 and 7000 H-series processor, and ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 with 12th Gen Intel Core processors. The case can accommodate multiple storage and display combinations. Making it ideal for flexible and comprehensive solutions from digital signage applications or where multiple displays are required, to workspace applications.

Bi-symmetrical extruded fins on either side of the case maximise the surface area of the exterior for increased heat dissipation. Coupled with internally hi-efficient passive copper thermal module and 6mm heatpipes to ensure the Thermal Design Point (TDP) is met, with the case supporting the ASUS PN53 and PN64 processors up to 40W TDP.

Fanless CPU design eliminates the need for noisy mechanical fans so that true silence can be achieved. Paired with the use of Solid State Drives, one can truly immerse themselves in the experience of soundless acoustics. Aluminium case provides durability and long-lasting use. Coupled with symmetrically extruded fins and striking classical inspired panels for stunning aesthetics and functionality, which means the case look great in any environment."

Source: Akasa