4 x 10GbE server

"While the idle power consumption is high, the maximum power consumption is very reasonable. The other aspect to remember here is that we have five 2.5GbE Intel i225 NICs and also built-in 10GbE networking. Power can vary based on cable lengths and what types of SFP+ modules are used and be higher than our range at the maximum.

We have been using this system since October. It gets hot, but many similar embedded systems do. It does not have IPMI (but there is watchdog), nor a high-end transcoding GPU. At the same time, we constantly get folks asking for more 2.5GbE ports than 4, SFP+ 10GbE networking, lower top-end power, a way to hook up 3.5″ SATA SSDs, and more. This little system checks every one of those boxes while using a real embedded CPU that many OEMs built their appliances around."

Source: ServeTheHome