Crazy (and we love it)

This one is pretty crazy, even by our standards: Geforce RTX 3080 passively cooled by 10 CPU coolers.

"For background: a couple years ago I built a Streacom DB4 for laughs and became very interested in the passive cooling concept. I have been learning on my own but certainly not an expert in computers or hardware. I built my own prototype out of an HDPLEX base using stacked layers of heat pipes. As I expected, too many thermal gaps between pipes only got me to ~125 watts of fully saturated cooling on a I7 10700k, no GPU. My second prototype is an attempt to passively cool a 3080 FE and Ryzen 7600x. I'm focusing primarily on the GPU.

This is a hobby project and I think it'd be cool to surpass the Monster Labo. Passive radiation is the point, so let's please skip the inevitable "just use fans" stuff.

My strategy with this prototype is a massive copper bar as a heatsink, 2"x3"x12" with coolers strapped to it. In the Pic you can see I have a copper VRAM plate that covers them all, but as many of you are aware the die is slightly higher than the plate. I want to lay the copper bar on the 3" flat side across the center of the card like a plus sign for even heat distribution, with a shim or two so that the die and VRAM are all in contact with it. But all the standard coolers make a point of separating these though."

Source: reddit