Meet the NUC 14 Pro and NUC 14 Pro+

ASUS is dedicated to advancing Intel's NUC legacy with the NUC 14 Pro series, representing a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and performance. The new NUC 14 Pro and NUC 14 Pro+ models embody Intel NUC quality with a fresh perspective. The NUC 14 Pro features a 4x4 matte textured chassis with a replaceable lid, while the NUC 14 Pro+ introduces a new 5x4 chassis crafted from premium anodized aluminum. Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 11 IOT Enterprise, and various Linux distributions, the NUC 14 Pro models epitomize versatility, delivering a dynamic computing experience tailored to the user's needs. Powered by up to Intel Core Ultra 9 processors with speeds up to 5.1 GHz Turbo, integrated Intel Arc Graphics, and Intel vPro® Technology, these desktop powerhouses redefine computing within their compact size.

The NUC Pro models are the first to feature dual-channel DDR5 support up to 5600 MHz, a maximum memory capacity of up to 96 GB, and dual-channel NVMe x4 SSD support with a BIOS configured for adapter support. Offering a comprehensive array of ports and connectivity options, the NUC 14 Pro series ensures unparalleled connectivity, endurance, and a seamless computing experience. Display versatility is pushed to the limits with support for up to four extended displays through two HDMI 2.1 (TMDS)-compatible ports and two Thunderbolt 4 ports, depending on the SKU. With two SSD slots, lightning-fast data transfer, and expandable storage capabilities, these solutions cater to diverse digital needs.

The elimination of screws for storage installation streamlines integration, making it faster, easier, and safer. Featuring a robust yet sleek matte textured (Pro) or premium anodized aluminum (Pro+) chassis, a replaceable lid, and a VESA mounting plate, these small-form-factor desktops seamlessly integrate into any workspace, offering maximum functionality without compromising style. Individual unit packaging and a three-year limited warranty underline the ASUS commitment to productivity, seamlessly blending performance and sophistication. Depending on the model, users can choose to purchase only the board for upgrading existing computers, a kit without the operating system, or a complete mini-PC with the operating system.