Direct die & passively cooled 8700G

"Although my DB4 ft. a 13900F and RTX 4070 was working great, I was intrigued by the arrival of the AMD Ryzen 7 8700G. I've had a 5700G before and that was quite nice. The most important feature being that it has a monolithic die, vs. the chiplet design of its siblings like the 5600X. Because of the monolithic die, it isn't wasting power at idle and also has good undervolting potential - perfect for a fanless build.

So it's a very nice improvement and was definitely worth it. However, for a passive build you're ultimately limited to the cooling capacity provided by the heatsinks, the CPU will 'soak' if it uses more power than can be dissipated. Also, the heat dissipation improves when the temperature delta increases. Meaning, more watts can be dissipated when the CPU is hot. This makes it all more complex."

Source: reddit