High-end i9-14900T / NVIDIA system

This 14th Generation Fanless PC uses Intel's hybrid architecture design with Performance-cores plus Efficient-cores, with a fanless Nvidia graphics card, creating a fast PC suited for intense personal or business use. The fanless Nvidia T400 adds 3 extra 4k@60fps DisplayPort displays to the DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 included with the motherboard, enabling up to 5x 4k monitors. The T400 has an 80% increase in the 2D and 3D performance compared to the inbuilt intel graphics. The T400 has 384 CUDA cores. The faster T600 adds 4x 4k@60fps DisplayPort and trebles the 3D performance compared to inbuilt intel graphics. The T600 has 640 CUDA cores.

Source: Atlast! Solutions