The new ODROID is here

Hardkernel launches the affordable ODROID-H4 (Intel N97) ODROID-H4+ (N97, 4x SATA III) and turbocharged ODROID-H4 Ultra (Intel i3-N305, 4x SATA III). As always, the NUC-sized motherboard (120 x 120mm, 4.7 × 4.7") is packed with features including DDR5 memory and NVMe SSD support, HDMI and dual DisplayPort. We appreciate the large open-air heat sink that should handle the 12W CPUs just fine. At only $99, the ODROID-H4 is also the cheapest fanless Alder Lake-N PC on the market (keep in mind that Hardkernel ships from Korea though).

Source: CNX Software