ASUS NUC Vs ASRock industrial NUC

"The ASUS NUC14RVHv7 (Revel Canyon vPro) and the ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-155H provided us with the opportunity to evaluate the Meteor Lake-H platform in an ultra-compact desktop. This form-factor allows vendors much more leeway in terms of configuring the power limits. While Meteor Lake was introduced primarily for notebooks, ASUS and ASRock Industrial have shown that the capabilities can be marketed effectively even in the desktop space.

Between the NUC14RVHv7 and the NUC BOX-155H, the 64W dynamic PL1 setting of the former gives it the edge in many of the CPU-centric workloads. On the other hand, the NUC BOX-155H, particularly in its 40W version, consistently outperforms the NUC14RVHv7 in GPU-heavy workloads. The former has an extra Thunderbolt port, while the latter has an extra 2.5 GbE port. The NUC14RVHv7 has some nifty features such as display emulation that do not have a corresponding equivalent in the NUC BOX-155H. Based on the specific requirements and use-cases, either Meteor Lake-H system is a good choice. At $700, the NUC BOX-155H maintains the launch pricing of previous flagship NUC BOX products from ASRock Industrial."

Source: AnandTech