extremeEDGE Server 2000 Series

The Simply NUC 2000 series brings powerful processing to the extreme edge, enabling remote system monitoring and management via the built-in NANO-BMC (Baseboard Management Controller). This fanless enclosure offers scalability with dense memory and storage configurations.

The first of its kind, offering NANO-BMC out-of-band management in a small form factor enables remote management of edge devices at the extremeEDGE. Functionality Overview: Monitor, control, and manage hardware health and performance.

The 2000 series thrives in edge computing applications where space is limited and on-site processing is crucial. Its compact size brings powerful computing to the edge of your network, while remote monitoring and management capabilities enhance security and simplify control.

This fanless system operates silently and consumes minimal power – up to 28 watts under load, significantly less than a traditional server with a single CPU. This translates to lower energy costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

The EE-2100 and EE-2200 systems are equipped with dual mini-DisplayPort connectors. Powered by the AMD RADEON 780M integrated Graphics processor it allows for extended dual monitor support, up to a resolution of 3840 x 2169 / 4K @ 60 Hz.

The 2000 series enhances connectivity flexibility with SFP+ (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) module support. These modules come in RJ-45 (Copper) or Fiber Optic options, enabling high-speed data transfer up to 10Gbps. This versatility allows the system to adapt to diverse network configurations.