Euler T and Euler M video

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HDPLEX disponible sur Amazon France

HDPLEX est incroyable. Cette petite entreprise met le barre très haut avec des produits d'une qualité, d'une élégance, d'une robustesse extrêmes. Et surtout, c'est le travail d'un vrai passionné du fanless, un pur et dur comme on aime. On a forcément envie de le soutenir.

Le boîtier ultra-compact H1.S est désormais disponible sur Amazon France (en noir ou argent) ainsi que les alimentations 160W et 250W Hi-Fi (probablement les meilleures pico-alims du marché, et réellement conçues pour un refroidissement passif).



Broadwell NUC by Tranquil PC

Tranquil PC is now offering Broadwell i3 and i5 NUC inside their acclaimed passive case. The chassis is available for £99 (with free laser engraved message / name) or loaded with your Broadwell NUC of choice, up to 16GB RAM and multiple storage options.

Note that the case with chamfered edges teased last fall is still in the works, and will feature the upcoming (and long-awaited) i7 NUC.

Source: Tranquil PC

Fanless Pico-ITX barebone


At 72 x 100mm the Pico-ITX form factor is actually smaller than Intel's proprietary NUC. Jetway's JBC400P93 is rocking a Celeron N2807 in a palm-sized chassis for $230. Thanks to its mini-armor the JBC400P93 will probably handle heat better than ECS LIVA or Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807.

✓ Celeron N2807 (dual-core @ 1.58 GHz, up to 2.16 GHz)
✓ Intel HD Graphics
✓ On-board 2GB DDR3L-1333 memory
✓ 1 x mSATA Slot
✓ 1 x half size Mini-PCI Express slot
✓ 1 x USB 3.0 port
✓ 1 x USB 2.0 port
✓ 1 x HDMI
✓ 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
✓ 34 x 78.4 x 129mm (1.34" x 3.08" x 5.08")

Source: Amazon


FIRST LOOK: cirrus7 nimbus to the extreme

To mark the 5th anniversary of cirrus7 in April, an Extended Edition and an Extreme Edition of their flagship modular PC are coming. The Extended Edition will be ready for 24/7 workload usage, while the Extreme Edition will be able to do number-crunching and hours of rendering without throttling with an i7-4790T. This will be huge in every sense of the word.


ARCTIC Alpine M1 Passive : low-budget CPU cooler

Most fanless CPU coolers are expensive. ARCTIC is breaking this rule with the Alpine M1 Passive, a 10€ / $13 fanless cooling solution for AMD's 25W socketed Kabinis. No heat pipe and no elaborate design, in fact the 77 x 70 x 77mm Alpine M1 Passive is made of a single piece of extruded aluminum. Still looks great if you ask us.


Braswell-powered LIVA debuts at CeBIT

The first fanless PC featuring Bay Trail's successor is the diminutive LIVA. The LIVA X2 also packs a M.2 slot for up to an awesome 1TB of storage. The design is vastly improved with a statisfying power button and overall clean look. Fortunately the CPU cooler is back on top, even if ECS still refuses to let it breathe.


Update: Thanks to Brad Linder from Liliputing for clearing this out. Pictured above is the Core M version. The Braswell LIVA might not be as stylish.


Akasa Euler T overview

Akasa is taking passive Thin mini-ITX builds to the next level. The Euler T is a slightly bigger and nicely improved Euler. Still designed for 35W processors, the Euler T can accommodate three 2.5" HDD / SSD.

CNC machining is now downright perfect, the Euler T will look amazing even next to high-end audio equipment. Our only disappointment with the original Euler was its power button, and it's now fixed : stronger, firmer, on par with the case's superb build quality.

We do hope that Thin mini-ITX is here to stay. With on board mSATA / M.2 storage, external power adapter, and a sleek case like the Euler T, building a fanless desktop PC has never been so effortless and simple.


Akasa Euler M overview

Here's Akasa's first fanless mini-ITX chassis. Based on the original Euler design, the M iteration features an adjustable thermal module for different socket positions (note that the Euler M is only compatible with four motherboards, Asus Z97I-PLUS, Asus H97I-PLUS, Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI, and Asrock Z97E-ITX/AC).

The Euler M comes with a 80W DC-to-DC internal power adapter, a mounting kit for four 2.5" HDD / SSD, thermal compound, power and SATA cables. The Euler M feels amazing, stylish and quite heavy. At 3kg, the Euler M will handle any 35W CPU (including i7s) with ease.


Akasa Euler S / T / M size comparison

Akasa's flagship fanless cases are truly beautiful. Side by side the Euler M and Euler T are substantially bigger (and heavier) than the original Euler S. Performance should be stunning (our temps with the Euler S were already top-notch).

✓ Euler S (Thin mini-ITX) 228 x 187 x 61.5mm
✓ Euler T (Thin mini-ITX) 245 x 215.5 x 68.5mm
✓ Euler M (mini-ITX) 245 x 274.5 x 68.5mm


Logo-less Akasa Euler available at

We don't like heavy branding. Actually we hate it with a passion. As much as we love Akasa there's no reason to mess with such clean designs.

Thankfully, is offering OEM version of Akasa's latest cases. The Euler M is available for 150 euros and the Euler T (without PSU) retails for 100 euros. Wunderbar!