Trying different heat sinks with the Raspberry Pi 4

"I’m fortunate to have an electronics graveyard in my basement, so I was able to try out a number of different heat sinks. The heat sinks I used differed in shape, material, mass and surface area. They include two (A, B) that were attached to ICs, and four (C, D, E, F) that I found on old motherboards.

To my surprise, all of the heat sinks were able to keep the CPU from throttling during 10 minutes at 100% CPU usage, including heat sink A, which is really just a bent strip of aluminium."

Source: Young Coder


Our favorite SSDs

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB (Built with Samsung’s industry leading V NAND technology for reliable and superior performance. Read speeds up to 3,500MB/s with a 5 year limited warranty and exceptional endurance up to 1,200 TBW)

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB (Powered by Samsung V NAND Technology. Optimized performance for everyday computing. Sequential Read/Write speeds up to 550MB/s and 520MB/s)

Intel 660P Series, 1 TB (Sequential Read up to 1800 MB/s, random read / 8GB span : up to 150,000 IOPS. Intel Rapid Start Technology allows quick system resumes from the hibernate state)

Intel Optane SSD 905P Series 1.5TB (Delivers read/write performance optimized for workstations. The performance of the SSD 905P means the processor can spend less time waiting and more time computing.)


More than just hardware: Logic Supply changes name to OnLogic

New name for the global industrial computer manufacturer puts focus on the complex, highly-impactful problems being solved by the company and its clients.


Global industrial and IoT hardware manufacturer and solution provider Logic Supply, announced today that it is changing its name to OnLogic ( The new name reflects the evolution of the company from a computer component supplier to a comprehensive solution provider of ultra-reliable small form factor industrial computers, IoT gateways and edge devices for the world's most well known companies.

"When Logic Supply began back in 2003, we were selling mostly motherboards and components, quite literally 'supplying the logic' for our customers' projects," said OnLogic Co-Founder and Chair of the Board Lisa Groeneveld. "We now work with global leaders in every industry to develop solutions that outsmart the world's most complex technology challenges. Today, our customers dream, build and ultimately run on our hardware, and it was time for our image and brand to catch up to who we've become."

Emblematic of their evolution, OnLogic recently began offering their new Karbon line of rugged computers, in addition to their existing selection of actively and passively cooled industrial hardware. The company has also partnered with industry experts to offer solutions with pre-installed software from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Ignition by Inductive Automation and IVAR from Gorilla Technology.

In addition to the new name, OnLogic also unveiled a new logo and other updated design language. The OnLogic logo represents the problem solving and solution creation that has been core to the company's success, and has led to their growth into a global organization with locations in the US, Netherlands, Taiwan and Malaysia.

"We work with customers every day to help them solve fascinating challenges, even those that appear impossible to overcome," said OnLogic VP of Marketing Sara Mellinger. "We wanted the OnLogic logo to represent this collaborative relationship, which is why it has two entities - two blue cubes - coming together in a seemingly impossible way to form something new. It's a nice parallel to the hardware expertise that we combine with our customers' ideas to create innovative solutions."

The new name is effective immediately and has been rolled out across the company's website and other digital properties. More information about the OnLogic brand evolution, and a link to new brand assets, can be found by visiting

About OnLogic A global industrial PC manufacturer and solution provider focused on hardware for the IoT edge, OnLogic designs highly-configurable computers engineered for reliability. Their systems operate in the harshest environments and power innovation in the evolving Internet of Things. Fueled by a unique direct-to-customer business model that combines vertical integration, modular product design and a powerful online platform, OnLogic offers computers “designed to last, built to order, and delivered in days.” Founded in 2003 as Logic Supply, the company has served over 70,000 customers. OnLogic has offices in the US, Netherlands, Taiwan and Malaysia. Learn more about how builders, makers and doers are making the impossible possible using OnLogic hardware at or on Twitter @OnLogic.

Tiniest GIGABYTE motherboard ever

The x86 world wants a piece of that raspberry pie. GIGABYTE's GA-PICO3350 is a 100 x 70 mm motherboard that still manages to support regular memory and storage, thanks to one SO-DIMM slot and one mSATA connector. The board is powered by the 6W Celeron N3350 and does come with a heat sink (not pictured). Price and availability are not yet out.

✓ Intel® Celeron N3350 Apollo Lake SoC
✓ 1 x SO-DIMM DDR3L 1600/1866MHz (up to 8GB)
✓ 1 x HDMI 1.4
✓ 1 x Dual Channel 24-bit LVDS
✓ 2 x USB 3.0
✓ 1 x SATA3
✓ 1 x mini-PCIe, co-lay with mSATA
✓ 1 x Realtek Gigabit Lan
✓ 1 x TPM2.0 Module IC onboard
✓ 12 V DC-in




HDPLEX's popular mini-ITX case is now a NUC case too. Thanks to the optional HDPLEX NUC Kit, the H1 V3 now handles Intel's 7th and 8th generation NUC. It's unclear how much it will cost but the NUC Kit includes a copper mounting pattern and two I/O plates for the Baby Canyon and Bean Canyon motherboards. The case itself is available for pre-order for $215.

Source: HDPLEX


The MINIX G41V-4 is available

The latest fanless mini PC from MINIX is now available for $275. For that price you get a passively cooled Celeron N4100, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, and Windows 10 (thankfully, there's a slot for your favorite M.2 SSD). MINIX seems to have finally put some thought behind the cooling system, but the virtually identical ZOTAC CI329 is still $30 cheaper.


Two are better than one


Russian Doll

This interesting build features a vertical heat sink case inside another heat sink case. Cooling fins are nowhere to be found but the 5kg chassis features an exotic thermosiphon module. We're thrilled to see the creativity and passion behind fanless projects from around the world. Keep 'em coming!

Source: habr


Russian Twist

Check out this impressive build featuring the 51W i3-7100, a giant 20 x 45 cm aluminum heat sink, and unconventional heat pipes filled with a powerful refrigerant.

Source: habr


The Akasa Raspberry Pi 4 case is here

LONDON, ENGLAND, October 2019 - Akasa, a leading supplier of thermal solutions for the global electronics industry, released the Pi-4 aluminium fanless case for the new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. A customised thermal kit with heatsink top cover dissipates heat away from the hot zones, namely the CPU, GPU and USB 3.0 chipset, effectively cooling the Raspberry Pi 4 and ensuring the system runs optimally, even under heavy workload.

The contemporary styled heatsink top cover, the base with a diamond edge finish, and the black sandblasted anodized finish give the Pi-4 a refined look and feel. The case will look great in any environment as an HTPC, web server, NAS or otherwise. Compact and sturdy, it is the perfect solution for protecting a maker board.

Optimal Thermal Performance

The thermal kit consists of two aluminium blocks, hi-performance thermal pads and compound. Measuring 6 mm thick, the heatsink top cover takes the heat passed upwards from the aluminium blocks and dissipates it into the air. Extruded fins on the top cover maximise the surface area and increase heat dissipation. Coupled together, the thermal kit and heatsink top cover significantly reduce temperatures.

Create Commercial or Industrial Solutions

Using the Raspberry Pi 4 dual 4K video capabilities, the GPU can get quite hot. The thermal kit of the Pi-4 was designed for such thermal situations and significantly reduces the GPU temperature. Akasa will soon release a mounting kit for the Pi-4 which accommodates wall mounting or DIN rail, making the Pi-4 ideal for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

Specifications and Customisation Options

Full specs and configuration options are available at To discuss customisation options, project details, or additional OEM services, contact or call +44 (0)20 8578 0055 in the EU and +886 (0)2 2999 6289 for Asia Pacific and USA.


• The Pi-4 is available to order starting today in 30+ countries throughout Europe, Asia, the US and Canada, contact to find a reseller near you.

• Micro HDMI display cables, adapters and USB Type-C power adapters for the Raspberry Pi 4 will soon be available from Akasa.