35W is the way to go

35W TDP is the way to go for any fanless build, especially the very first one. Do not underestimate these CPUs, we're talking desktop-grade processing power here. At 12400+ CPU Mark, the i7-8700T is workstation material in our book. Here's our Coffee Lake selection :

Celeron G4900T 2C / 2T @ 2.90 GHz

Pentium G5500T 2C / 4T @ 3.20 GHz

i3-8100T 4C / 4T @ 3.10 GHz

i5-8500T 6C / 6T up to 3.50 GHz

i7-8700T 6C / 12T up to 4.00 GHz


Scientific Design

That's why we stay away from exotic hardware and only mention well-established manufacturers. The fanless mini PC market is saturated with unknown brands and products of dubious origin. We cannot stress enough the importance of buying from trusted players, especially when fanless barebones from ASUS, GIGABYTE, Shuttle or ZOTAC are available for the same price, or even cheaper.

Source: Lon.TV


Gemini Lake NUC case

Akasa launches a fanless chassis for the affordable Gemini Lake NUC duo (Celeron NUC7CJYH and Pentium NUC7PJYH) making it de facto the best passive cooling solution for Gemini Lake. When most fanless mini PCs hide a 50 grams internal cooler, a 500 grams open-air heat sink case is leagues ahead.

Source: Akasa


Mars Project

Mars Project is a joint-venture between Russia's modders extraordinaire INVASION Labs and industrial cooling specialist Terkon KTT. The system features a two-phase cooling system, not unlike Calyos or Streacom's DB6 concept.

Available in August, Mars Project is rocking CPUs from i7-8700K to i9-7980XE and up to two GTX 1080 Ti.

Source: Cowcotland


Alpine AM4 Passive review

The first Alpine AM4 Passive review is here, and it's a train wreck. Very unfair to use a 65W CPU that is not within the cooler limits.

Reinforcing negative stereotypes about passive cooling is not the smartest nor the most original thing to do. We expect more from tech journalists in 2018.


Fanless King

Fanless King is simply the most impressive build from scratch we've ever seen. The passively-cooled system features an i7-8700 and a GTX 1070 Ti at impressively low temperatures, even at full load. Check out the source below for a stunning heat pipe and CNC work, and yes, some RGB action too.

Source: Chiphell