You're gonna need a bigger case

Two years after being discontinued, Thermalright's passive CPU cooler is back. But there's a catch. Thermaright is testing the waters by releasing it exclusively in China. If successful in the Celestial Empire, the $100+ behemoth could be available globally again.


Athlon 240GE available

AMD's Athlon is back and doing well. The 2017 Athlon 200GE was critically praised and is still a great deal at $59.99. The 2018 iteration - the 240GE - is virtually identical to it predecessor, including a fanless-friendly 35W TDP, but is now running at 3.5GHz for 69.99. Still on board are AMD's Radeon Vega 3 graphics for HTPC and light gaming duties.


Fanless 800W NanoATX PSU

HDPLEX is making history again with the highest wattage pico / nano PSU on the market. Packing state-of-the-art components - including Sanyo high voltage solid capacitors, Infineon MOSFET, W├╝rth Elektronik high current inductance, National Semiconductor and MPS control chips - the HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX can handle 24/7 operation.

Currently in production, the power supply will be available in the coming weeks for $190.

Source: HDPLEX


SilverStone HE02 is back in stock

The last fanless supercooler is available again for $76. Featuring six 6mm heat pipes, the almost 1kg giant can handle 95W CPUs passively according to SilverStone, and 65W CPUs in a case featuring a mesh top panel according to us :)

Source: Amazon

Rugged Intel Core Mini up close

The IP50 certified Kaby Lake-powered mini desktop from Tranquil PC is not just for industrial use, it's also a pretty neat and silent Roon server: "Well after a few hours use very happy with this. Its very snappy compared to my old system, deadly quiet, lower TDP and looks really nice for a pc. So it off to a good start."



cirrus7 nimbini up close

The fanless NUC from cirrus7 looks massive and is not for everyone. Some people love it though: "I got my Cirrus7 Nimbini v2 fanless with i7 and it is awesome! It looks extremly well, is Lightning-fast, fanless and rock stable on heavy load. The aluminium outside has about 30 degrees on idle or playing music with no or light conversion. On heavy load like first scan of music library and analyzing the music files it‘s getting really hot on the outside (around 40 degrees), but that‘s a good thing, because the heat is transported away from CPU."

Source:, Instagram


nimbus v3 (Coffee Lake) is available

Germany's top fanless PC manufacturer cirrus7 launches nimbus v3. Featuring a 35W Coffee Lake processor (the Celeron G4900T, Pentium G5400T, i3-8100T, i5-8400T, or i7-8700T), the nimbus v3 is fully configurable with three different motherboards and three different cooling options available.

If you, like us, wish cirrus7 would hurry up already and launch the English language version of their store, then go ahead and let or @cirrus7 know that we are all still waiting!

Source: cirrus7

ZOTAC PI470 announced

ZOTAC showcases its latest ZBOX Pico at CES Las Vegas, and it's powerful! From the outside looking in, the PI470 is very similar to previous Atom-based Pico models but is rocking the 7W i7-8500Y (2C/4T up to 4.20 GHz, 3590 CPU mark).

As always with ZOTAC, connectivity is great with full-size HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, and Gigabit Ethernet ports. While thrilled to see Intel's Core Y back in mini desktops, 32GB of storage is simply not acceptable.

Source: Liliputing

Update: Whiskey Lake ZBOX CI661 coming soon.


New brand alert: ZERORPM

ZERORPM just announced a complete lineup consisting of three HTPC cases and one small tower. The chunky HT03 immediately caught our eye and is really unique. At only 278 x 236 x 169 mm the little chassis can fit a 65W CPU, a full-height graphics card, and a regular ATX power supply.

The Z1 tower seems to be less thought through, with horizontal fins on the side and the CPU connected to the bottom of the case. The HT01, HT02, and Z1 tower are available now in China.