Final units of the Skull Canyon NUC

It's still time to buy the NUC6i7KYK, the most powerful NUC to date (i7-6770HQ / Iris Pro Graphics 580) and pair it with Akasa's Galactico for a truly fanless gaming machine under the Christmas tree.

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i3-8100 / Nofan CR80 build

"The new 8th gen i3 makes the PC very responsive with its 4 cores (even if compared with my previous i5-7500). I consider i3-8100 one of the best choices for a mid-low budget PC.

In conclusion, this configuration satisfies the needs of a decent every-days duties PC without producing any audible noise."

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Logic Supply launches fanless Dawson Canyon NUC

The all-new ML100G-31 includes a wide range of upgraded features. The new Intel Kaby Lake Core i3 processor offers benchmarked numbers similar in performance to the previous generation i5, while maintaining the same low power consumption. The Dawson Canyon industrial NUC from Logic Supply will also soon be 4G capable, making it the first ever commercially available NUC to offer globally compatible cellular connectivity. Other upgrades from previous NUC offerings include the latest Intel HD Graphics chipset for dual monitor and 4K support and options for adding special I/O such as DIO and Terminal Block Power.

As the fourth member of the ML100 family, the ML100G-31 uses Logic Supply's proven HardShell™ Fanless Technology to passively cool the device, improving reliability and helping ensure dependability in challenging computing environments across a range of industries from manufacturing and automation, to industrial digital signage, logistics and even remote security and surveillance.

For more information, full specs and pricing or to configure the system online, visit, or contact a Logic Supply Solution Specialist directly at +1 802-861-2300 in the US or +31 (0)85 2733760 in Europe.


Rethinking fanless design

We don't really care for exotic and noname PCs but we've got to admit that this one is kind of cute, despite convection flaws. At least they're trying something different. Colors and new form factors could pave the way for mainstream acceptance.

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Seasonic PRIME 600W Titanium Fanless available worldwide

Seasonic's already legendary PSU is available in the US, France, the UKGermany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal.

The fully modular 80PLUS Titanium power supply simply features the highest quality components available, Seasonic's MTLR (Micro Tolerance Load Regulation) for enhanced stability, and a jaw-dropping 12-year warranty.

Update: First review.


The ultimate HTPC ?

Our favorite artist is now sharing his Kaby Lake-powered HTPC, and despite being much smaller than his PlayStation project, temperatures are incredibly good (the 35W i3-7300T barely reaches 62°C under heavy load). Time to mass-produce it?

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Quiet PC Nofan A890S review

HEXUS takes a look at Quiet PC Nofan A890S with mixed results. No throttling, yet relatively high temperatures that we attribute to both the graphics card, and a top mesh panel that simply does not meet our standards.

"Championing what's possible from today's passive PCs, the reviewed Nofan A890S Silent Desktop employs a top-of-the-range Intel Core i7-8700K processor, 16GB of DDR4 memory, a 250GB M.2 SSD and fanless graphics courtesy of a Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX.

Wrapped inside a tidy aluminium chassis and aided by a giant CPU heatsink, the serene test PC delivers hexa-core processing power with no perceptible noise. True, heat build-up is dramatic under maximum load, and there's an inevitable price premium attached to a fully-passive build, yet for those select few who appreciate the difference between reasonably quiet and truly silent, this is a rig that ought to be on your radar."

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Classy fanless setup

An elegant and minimalist setup showing off Akasa Telsa NUC case, and the impressive Edifier R1280T speakers. Got a cool setup? Feel free to share it with us and the fanless aficionados!


Reeven Okeanos passive mode

Reeven tells us that their flagship CPU cooler can handle a 35W processor entirely passively. The 1 kg Okeanos is a quite unique dual tower featuring two 8 mm and four 6 mm heat pipes. As always, make sur to use a case with mesh on top. The Okeanos retails for $80.

We're expecting more "35W fanless approved" CPU coolers in the coming months, stay tuned.

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