Kaby Lake pfSense goodness

Protectli's The Vault is killing it. The Kaby Lake barebone features a Celeron 3865U ($319) or an i3-7100U ($519) and six Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports. Reviews are through the roof :

"I couldn't be happier with this unit. The hardware is very good, runs PFSENSE without a glitch"

"This device provides a reasonably capable processor, six Intel gigabit NIC ports, solid construction quality, your choice of MSATA storage (or a 2.5" SSD, if you think that's really necessary). Running pfsense, it supports all of my needs, including hardware-accelerated VPN support and management of multiple LANs."

"Very well built. Have it running pFsense for a network of 50 users."

"Works as advertised. Tested with a fresh pfsense install, had multiple video streams running in house to multiple devices (2 Netflix, 1 Hulu, 1 Directnow) plus general web traffic and the cpu load on this box barely flinched. Sat around 5-6% the entire time."


BREAKING: Alpine 11 Passive discontinued

This was to be expected, we can confirm that the bare version of ARCTIC's fanless CPU cooler is being phased out. Limited quantities are still available for $12.

The more stylish and performant Alpine 12 Passive is taking up the torch. Now let's hope Intel makes its 35W CPUs more readily available.


nimbini V2 in pictures

A closer look at the nimbini V2, undoubtedly the most high-end and striking-looking fanless NUC. Both the vertical design and the semi-open structure make it a passive cooling champ. We'll take five, please.


Shuttle DL10J available for $200

Shuttle's Gemini Lake barebone is now available for $200, just add storage and RAM for a complete PC. Powered by the Celeron J4005 (which features impressive single thread performance) the system is built for continuous 24/7 operation.

✓ Celeron J4005 (dual-core @ 2.70 GHz, 10W TDP)
✓ 2 x DDR4 slots (up to 8GB)
✓ 1 x 2.5" bay
✓ 1 x M.2 slot
✓ 2 x USB 3.0
✓ 4 x USB 2.0
✓ 1 x SD card reader
✓ 1 x HDMI 2.0
✓ 1 x DisplayPort
✓ 802.11b/g/n Wifi
✓ 1 x Gigabit LAN
✓ 190 x 165 x 43 mm

Source: Amazon

Update: The DL10J rocking a Huawei LTE module.


ARCTIC's fanless duo available for pre-order... for only $13

This is a milestone moment for passive cooling aficionados. Gone are the days of $100+ fanless CPU coolers. ARCTIC is shaking things up with the Intel-compatible Alpine 12 Passive and the AMD-friendly Alpine AM4 Passive.

Both are designed for CPU up to 47W TDP but we wouldn't use them with anything other than a 35W processor, especially since the i7-8700T runs hot and performs like a 50W CPU.

Source: Amazon


Legendary coolers immortalized

Stunning shots of stunning fanless CPU coolers, courtesy of Getty Images. Zalman's FX70 and Nofan's CR-100A will be missed.

Source: Getty Images (2)

Zero noise FORTNITE build

Fanless gaming rigs are tricky only with the latest and greatest.

This ARCTIC Alpine 11 Passive and Gigabyte GT 1030 Silent combo runs FORTNITE in total silence (and on the cheap).


ECS' new barebone is not pocketable, and that's OK

What's the point of diminutive PCs if storage, connectivity, and cooling are lousy? ECS is bringing common sense back with small (196 x 183 x 45 mm, think mini-ITX) yet workable hardware.

The LIVA One Plus SOC is powered by a Gemini Lake processor (J4005 / J4105 / J5005), features no less than seven USB ports, and can fit two SSDs (M.2 and 2.5" slots). Yay for options!

Source: ECS


DC-powered Gemini Lake motherboards

Using an ATX power supply in a Gemini Lake PC makes zero sense, so kudos to ECS for offering motherboards with onboard power (and M.2 slot). We're hearing that the GLKD-I series will rock the 10W Celeron J4005, J4105 and Pentium J5005.

✓ 1 x DDR4 2400 MHz SO-DIMM slot
✓ 1 x M.2 slot for SSD
✓ 1 x M.2 slot for WiFi/BT
✓ 2 x SATA III connectors
✓ 4 x USB 3.0 ports
✓ 2 x USB 2.0 ports
✓ 1 x HDMI
✓ 1 x VGA
✓ 1 x PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard
✓ 1 x Gigabit Ethernet

Source: ECS


Akasa Euler TX 2.0

Akasa is showcasing its new Euler TX at Computex, and it looks like the heat sink case is ready for those hot little 35W Coffee Lake chips. The case looks larger and cooling fins are definitely more prominent. Current model retails for $189.

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