Akasa Euler MX available for $198

Akasa's most efficient fanless chassis is now available in the US and in the UK. The mini-ITX case is only compatible with a handful of motherboards, including ASUS H110I-PLUS D3, H170I-PLUS D3, Z170I PRO, Asrock H170M-ITX/DL and H170M-ITX/ac. The Euler MX is also limited to 35W processors, including Intel's i3-6100T, i5-6400T, and i7-6700T.

Still, the heat sink case offers a very easy and straightforward building process (unibody construction and no heat pipes involved). The Euler MX also comes with a 80W power supply.

Source: Amazon


Skylake ZBOX hands-on

Our friend Laloi was kind enough to send us pictures - and his first impressions - of the ZBOX CI523 Nano. To put it simply, temperatures are horrendous and his ZBOX is being returned.

93°C at 45% CPU usage, enough said. Thermal pads and cooling fins under the chassis, clearly ZOTAC didn't learn much from their previous throttle adventures.

Too bad the prototype showcased at CES didn't see the light of the day. It looked bigger, and so much more capable.


Unboxing Logic Supply CL100

A closer look at what's inside the CL100 box. Logic Supply's system is very similar to ASRock's Beebox, only with a better cooling solution. It's actually a better option than any mainstream Braswell product. Price starts at $347.

Reminder: You can win your own CL100 by entering Logic Supply's World's Dirtiest PC Contest.


EXCLUSIVE: Kaby Lake / Apollo Lake NUC specs

Baby Canyon will feature a 28W i7 with IRIS graphics, and regular 15W i5 and i3 processors. Interestingly, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3 will be offered through a USB-C port. Intel is also ditching the full SD for a Micro SDXC slot. Great news, HDMI 2.0 is finally onboard.

The Kaby Lake NUC is now listed as an early 2017 product.

On the low end, the most affordable NUC will rock a 10W quad-core Apollo Lake Celeron that will definitely offer more horsepower than previous 6W Braswell chips. Note the 3.5mm rear speaker / TOSLINK combo. Arches Canyon will be available as a barebone, or with Window 10, 2GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC.


Core U ZBOX available for pre-order

ZOTAC's new ZBOXes are actually the first fanless NUC. Previously, you had to buy a third-party chassis to silence a Next Unit of Computing. Featuring Intel's 15W Skylake-U Series processors, the barebones offer what we consider to be desktop-grade experience.

ZBOX CI523 (i3-6100U)
ZBOX CI543 (i3-6200U)
ZBOX CI545 (i5-6300U)

Update: We don't recommend them.


Akasa Skylake NUC, take two.

Since Intel removed the I/O header on the Skylake NUC board despite it being on the pre-production and marketing material, the good people over at Akasa had to quickly redesign the Newton S6 to fit the exact same power on/off mechanism as in the retail kit (at the top of the chassis).

Introducing the Newton S6T, available today in Germany, the UK, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, Latvia, and more.

Source: Akasa


Airtop server available

Compulab's server version of Airtop is now available on Amazon for $1960. The natural airflow computer packs a beastly 65W Xeon processor (E3-1285L v4), 32GB of RAM and 6 ethernet ports. Storage is up to you with no less than four 2.5" bays, one mSATA, and one M.2 slots available.

Source: Amazon


Shuttle's Skylake offering

Shuttle's popular series of robust, fanless, steel chassis Mini-PCs has been given a subtle make-over. Now the sixth generation of Intel Core processors (Skylake) DS series brings 4K support, ac-WLAN and M.2 slot.

✓ DS67U (Intel Celeron 3855U)
✓ DS67U3 (Intel Core i3-6100U)
✓ DS67U5 (Intel Core i5-6200U)
✓ DS67U7 (Intel Core i7-6500U)

Shuttle's recommended retail price is 226 euros for the DS67U, 413 euros for the DS67U3, 517 euros for the DS67U5 and 681 euros for the DS67U7 (ex VAT).

Sources: Liliputing, TechPowerUp


Skylake nimbus available

Cirrus7 is now shipping its incredible nimbus (Extreme Cooling Edition pictured) with Intel's latest Core processors inside. Prices start at 499 euros (Celeron G3900TE) though we wouldn't order such a cool PC without the very best (i7-6700TE, from 828 euros).

Source: cirrus7


Calyos Fanless PC (2-Phase Cooling)

Calyos, the global leader in Advanced 2-Phase Cooling Solutions for electronic components could change the fanless world forever.

Based upon its expertise in Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technologies, Calyos is now launching custom-designed workstations (and gaming rigs).

Pump-free, water-free and also noise-free, these unique computers combine the best electronics and possibly the most innovative cooling solution. Using a powerful refrigerant (R-245fa) - a low-pressure, non-toxic compound - Calyos Fanless PC promises watercooling-like performance. Systems are available in black or white, and support Intel and AMD processors.

Source: Calyos

Update: Systems will be available between 1000 and 4000 euros in Q4, with a global launch at CES 2017.