The silent cube (warning: insanity ahead)

Incredible build featuring an i7-4790K, no less than two EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0, a 400 GB Intel 750 PCI-E SSD, 50 kg of aluminum and a Zalman FX70 on top it. Total overkill, grotesque-looking, and we love it!

Source: linustechtips


Inside the new fanless ZBOX

ZOTAC insisted that the original C Series' cooling system was perfect. We respectfully disagreed. Now, despite a much smaller TDP (6W vs 11.5W previously) the new Celeron N3150-powered CI323 looks noticeably bulkier. How come?

The cooling system was vastly improved. Granted, the top mesh panel is still obstructed, but the actual CPU cooler is twice as big. And the best part : no flimsy thermal pad in sight. Just strong, heavy, reliable hardware. Way to go ZOTAC!



The PCLinuxOS mini-machine

PCLinuxOS is our OS of choice for almost 10 years now, and we're thrilled to see the popular distro offering official hardware. Introducing The Chimpbox Quad Core, a fanless AMD Fusion A4-5000 mini-PC starting from $299.95.

✓ AMD A4-5000 (4 cores @ 1.5 GHz)
✓ AMD Radeon HD 8330 Graphics
✓ 4 GB / 8 GB RAM
✓ 250 GB HDD / 120 GB SSD
✓ 1 x PCI Express slot
✓ 2 x SATA 3 connectors
✓ 2 x USB 3.0 port
✓ 2 x USB 2.0 ports
✓ 1 x HDMI
✓ 1 x VGA
✓ 1 x PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard
✓ 1 x Gigabit Ethernet (Realtek)

Source: PCLinuxOS


i5-4200U barebone for $270

Interesting - and cheap - Haswell mini system for only $270. Literally a Bay Trail system price. Note that you'll need to add your own memory (DDR3L 1333/1600 MHz) and storage (mSATA / 2.5").

Source: Amazon


MSI Cubi N overview

Our friend Pavol sends us some pictures and pretty good news about his freshly acquired Pentium N3700-powered MSI Cubi N. At full CPU load - and Turbo on all four cores - the diminutive PC doesn't throttle. Running a CPU + GPU stress test, temperatures rise up to 81°C (throttling). This bodes especially well for the less power-hungry N3150 and N3000 versions of the Cubi N.

With a large heat sink - visible under an actual meshed top - the Cubi N is definitely more convection-friendly than the recent ASRock BeeBox or ASUS Vivomini UN45.


ARCTIC unveils Intel-compatible fanless CPU cooler

ARCTIC's Intel-friendly version (socket 1155, 1156, 1150, and 1151) of the M1 Passive will be available tomorrow in Europe for only 13 euros.

The Alpine 11 Passive is significantly larger (95 x 95 x 69 mm) than its AMD predecessor, and twice as heavy (508 vs 246 g). ARCTIC is unsure about its cooling capacity - indicating both 35W and 47W - and we're not crazy about pre-applied thermal compound, but it's still an amazing news for builders on a budget.

Source: ARCTIC


How To Build a Fanless PC

Excellent step-by-step tutorial on how to do it, using Akasa's original Euler. Once a dream, an affordable fanless PC with a desktop CPU becomes a reality.

Source: Youtube


Raijintek Tisis Core Edition available in Europe

Raijintek's massive dual tower CPU cooler is now available in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania. The 1050g / five 8mm heatpipes monster will handle - at the very least - 35W CPUs passively (make sure to use a case with a meshed top).


ECS LIVA ditches eMMC storage

We are firmly against soldered / non-expendable storage. There's nothing cute about crippled technology. Even when it comes in a colorful mini PC.

ECS finally got the memo and is moving from a barely usable - especially with Windows - 32GB eMMC storage to a 120GB M.2 SSD. The new LIVA X2 is available in Asia for now, but will most likely be available in the US and Europe soon.



Airtop is the world's first passively-cooled gaming PC / workstation / server

This is huge. Well, it's actually quite small at only 7.5 liters. Meet Airtop by CompuLab, a fanless gaming PC / workstation / server.

Airtop is capable of dissipating an unprecedented 200W by combining several fanless cooling techniques, including: natural convection, a pure copper heat spreader, a patent-pending array of vapor chamber-like flat heat pipes (each featuring 24 micro-channels), and 14 air-tubes for additional Stack effect... on each side. Airtop will not only accommodate powerful CPUs on one side, but graphics cards on the other side too. It's also extremely user-friendly with an instant and tool-free clamshell opening. Airtop is a technical marvel, an absolute dream come true. The game-changer we were waiting for.

Airtop will be available in the next few weeks in several flavors (all models come with a 5 year warranty).

✓ Airtop-W, a workstation with an Intel Xeon Processor E3 and full-height NVIDIA QUADRO M4000 graphics card ($2999).

✓ Airtop-G, a gaming desktop with an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 graphics card ($1968).

✓ Airtop-S, a server with an Intel Xeon Processor E3, 32 GB ECC RAM, 4 hard-disks in RAID and 6 Gbit Ethernet ports ($1810).

✓ Airtop-DIY will get you the groundbreaking chassis / cooling system and the custom-designed LGA1150 motherboard ($1128).

✓ Intel Xeon Processor E3-1285L v4 (6M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz)
✓ Intel Core i7-5775C Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz)
✓ Dual channel DDR3-1866 ECC/non ECC up to 32 GB
✓ NVIDIA Quadro M4000 (optional)
✓ EVGA GeForce GTX 950 SC+ GAMING (optional)
✓ 2 x HDMI 1.4 + 1x DisplayPort 1.2 (integrated)
✓ 4 x DisplayPort 1.2 (with Quadro M4000)
✓ 3 x DisplayPort 1.2 + 1x HDMI 2.0 (with GTX 950)
✓ 4 x 2.5” SATA 3.0 HDD/SSD with RAID support
✓ 1 x M.2 M-key SATA 3.0
✓ 1 x mSATA SATA 3.0
✓ 2 x Gbit Ethernet (integrated)
✓ 4 x Gbit Ethernet (optional)
✓ WiFi 802.11ac + BT 4.0 (miniPCIe)
✓ 2 x SIM sockets for cellular data communication
✓ 4 x SMA antennas
✓ 4 x USB 3.0
✓ 6 x USB 2.0
✓ 3 x RS232 ports
✓ Optical S/PDIF output (Toslink)
✓ 1 x PCIe x16 Gen 3 (shared with graphics card)
✓ 2 x miniPCIe (shared with WiFi adapter)
✓ 10 cm (w) x 30 cm (h) x 25.5 cm (d) – 4” (w) x 12” (h) x 10” (d)
✓ Weight: 4 - 7 kg (depending on configuration)

Source: Airtop


IN WIN H-Frame 2.0 teased

Open-air cases are perfect to insure proper functioning of passive CPU coolers and fanless power supplies. IN WIN has mastered the art of PC enclosures, their D-FRAME and S-FRAME are truly something to behold. The Taiwanese manufacturer is back with a second iteration of the case that started it all. Although no details are available yet, there's one certainty right now: it's not going to be cheap.

Source: IN WIN


ZOTAC readying a Skylake ZBOX

Brad Linder had the chance to visit ZOTAC's CES booth, and take a peek at what's in store for 2016. Previous ZBOX models were mostly ultra-low-power systems, but things are about to change with an actual Core-based fanless ZBOX.

Coming in Q2, the substantially larger - and heavier! - barebone will feature one of the "overclockable" 15W Skylake i5 (TDP configurable up to 25W). Large and heavy is good, and usually means serious cooling. Color us interested.

Source: Liliputing

Update: Additional pictures from ComputerBase