nimbus M.2 cooling

M.2 SSDs are amazing. They are extremely fast, and incredibly convenient. They also tend to run very hot, and throttle like nobody's business. The nimbus v2 (from 499 euros) is now taking care of it with a large, integrated M.2 heat spreader. Deutsche Qualit├Ąt.


Black DB4 spotted (Ryzen inside)

Someone managed to cram AMD's Ryzen 7 1700 and a Radeon RX 570 into Streacom's black monolith using the 4 side panels, for the first time ever. And temperatures are pretty good! Interestingly, the fanless cube was designed to use its four panels when we premiered it four years ago. The black DB4 is available now from Quiet PC.


Update: Special thanks to Zgembo


Classy no name mini cases

We try to avoid linking to this particular site, but couldn't resist these amazing little aluminum chassis. They are incredibly simple, feature clean lines, and are fanless-friendly. Perfect for Braswell / Apollo Lake motherboards, or even a 35W CPU if Thermalright's AXP-200 can fit in there.

Source: Aliexpress (2)


Shuttle launches the XC60J

Shuttle's XC60J is a pumped-up version of the DX30 clearly geared towards the industrial world thanks to eight COM ports. Powered by the very same Celeron J3355, the XC60J might also work as a HTPC with massive storage options: 2.5" and M.2 SSDs, as well as a rare 3.5" HDD bay. The XC60J is available today for $310.20.

Source: Shuttle


$170 Apollo Lake motherboard ?!

MiTAC PD10AI MT is the one and only readily available Apollo Lake Thin mini-ITX motherboard. Available for $170 it features Intel's Celeron N3350, M.2 storage and two Ethernet ports.

So why spend so much money when Apollo Lake options can be found much cheaper? Being so thin, the PD10AI MT can fit inside the smallest cases like the minuscule SilverStone PT13. But first and foremost, industrial hardware tend to be less prone to planned obsolescence.


Unique build (on the cheap)

Our friend Jagonio was able to passively cool an i5-6400T and a 1050 Ti in a 5-liter HFX mCubed case (14 euros). Using a very interesting flat heat pipe from AMEC Thermasol (10 euros), an old ARCTIC Accelero S1 Rev. 2 (12 euros), and a HDPLEX power supply. Both CPU and GPU never reach 65°C.


Streacom DB6 is coming

Streacom will showcase its brand new fanless case - the DB6 - at COMPUTEX Tapei (May 30 - June 2). Streacom recently enjoyed a massive success with the DB4, crafting a true work of art and bringing passive cooling to the masses.

Source: Streacom

Update: The DB6 will world premiere on FanlessTech. Stay tuned!


Airtop-G1060 available

The most powerful Airtop yet is now available as a complete Windows 7 Professional system (packing 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD) for 1,954. Airtop-G1060 features Intel's i7-5775C (itself a graphics powerhouse), GeForce GTX1060, and support for seven 4K displays, in total silence.


Akasa Galactico available

Intel's Skull Canyon NUC (i7-6770HQ, Iris Pro Graphics 580) is reportedly running hot, and can be quite noisy. Fix both of these issues with Akasa's spaceship-of-a-case for $240. Quite possibly the most unique fanless chassis ever.

Update: A second Skull Canyon case - from another brand - is still in the works. Stay tuned.


GIGABYTE GB-EKi3M-7100 announced

The Taiwanese giant is adding a sibling to the GB-EKi3A-7100 this time featuring a second Ethernet port, a second HDMI 2.0 port, a micro SIM card slot, and a microSD card reader.