Euler stand on the way?

Akasa's Euler remains the easiest path to a passive desktop build. Acting as a heat sink, the 2.2 kilograms case handles Intel's 35W processors.

We've been strong supporters of a stand for the Euler. Vertical position increasing convection and resulting in better temperatures (up to 10°C based on our experience). German PC builder Deltatronic is now shipping Kaby Lake / Euler builds with a much needed stand. Fingers crossed for a wider availability soon.

Source: Deltatronic


The barebone invasion

We're hearing that the recent influx of Chinese-made fanless PCs is doing some major - and possibly lethal - damage to the fanless NUC market, the industrial market, and the mini PC market in general.

We're still very cautious about these pieces of hardware given their unclear origin, spotty customer service, and horror videos here and there. But whoever is making them is now a force to be reckoned with.


antsle one - Private Cloud Server

Akasa OEM job? Antsle one is a pretty interesting product featuring the server-grade Atom Avoton (from 14W to 20W TDP), up to 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD, inside what looks like Akasa Euler (designed for 35W CPUs). The systems comes with antsleOS which is based on Gentoo Linux and supports both VMs and containers. Prices start at $699.

✓ antsle one, 4 cores C2550, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD, in blackgoldred.
✓ antsle one Pro, 8 cores C2750, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, in blackgoldred.
✓ antsle one Ultra, 8 cores C2750, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD, in black, gold, red.


Thermaltake Core P1 available

Thermaltake's wildly successful Core P family is now complete with the Core P1. Despite its small size (422 x 332 x 380 mm, 16.6 x 13.1 x 15 inch) the Core P1 supports standard ATX PS2 power supply and CPU coolers up to 170mm. Fanless juggernauts like Nofan CR-95C or SilverStone HE02 will look amazing behind the 5mm tempered glass side panel, and convection will be simply perfect.

Source: Amazon


Linux Mint ♥ Compulab

Clement Lefebvre - the mastermind behind the awesome Linux Mint - takes a looks at Compulab's current offering, including the MintBox Mini Pro and Airtop.

"When I saw the Airtop, I already knew I wanted to get rid of my main computer, its big tower and noisy fans. I’ve had devices I was really sad to let go and it never had to do with how much I paid for them or how fast they were.. it had to do with the fact that they were no longer powerful enough and that I loved using them (The Sony T2XP 10″ laptop for instance, the Google G1 smartphone and its keyboard, the MintBox Mini now that the Mini Pro is better in every way except cuteness, and one day probably the Apple MacBook Pro).

Compulab does devices like that. You get to love them."

Source: Segfault


HDPLEX CPU cooling system available separately

The one and only 8 heat pipes CPU cooling system for heat sink cases is now available as a stand alone product for $65.

Designed for the HDPLEX H5, this cooling system will also be perfect for a fanless mod or a fanless build from scratch (in the later case, feel free to send us pictures). A similar GPU cooling system is available for $45.

Source: Amazon


Overclockers Club rips ECS LIVA Z

This horrible press image should have been a warning sign. Let's add the LIVA Z to the ever-growing list of lackluster fanless mini PCs.

"I only truly wish that one or two USB ports were included on the back for wire management purposes. With everything sticking out the front, it will look like someone just dropped a bunch of cords on top and decided that was good enough."

"When put into a real-world scenario, it has a hard time keeping up with anything besides 1080p MP4 videos, and even that sometimes can get bogged down when a complex scene comes up for decoding. Intel and, subsequently, ECS really shot themselves in the foot on this one."

Source: Overclockers Club


Fanless Ryzen

It was bound to happen. The first passively-cooled RYZEN system (featuring the 65W RYZEN 7 1700) is now available from $1,650. We wouldn't run fanless graphics cards with anything smaller than ARCTIC Accelero S3 but we're certainly not always right. This is probably the last chance to put your hands on Nofan CR-95C Copper which is officially discontinued.



Kaby Lake ZBOX official

First, we saw them at CES, now ZOTAC's passively-cooled Kaby Lake ZBOXes are indeed coming soon. Rocking an i3-7100U or i5-7200U, the diminutive barebones feature possibly the best connectivity on nano PCs ever, with no less than five USB 3.0, two USB 3.1, DisplayPort, HDMI, and a SD card reader. Note that both models now feature dual LAN ports, which is extremely nice.

PLUS versions of the CI527 and CI547 will also be available with 4GB DDR4, a 120GB SSD, and Windows 10.

But a key question remains unanswered: what about thermals? The previous generation was clearly disappointing temperature-wise.

Source: ZOTAC


Black DB4 coming soon

Streacom is about to launch an ebony DB4. This new chassis is virtually identical to the original silver case, only sporting an elegant matte black finish. At this time the black DB4 seems to be exclusive to Quietpc, but we should get more details on Monday.


Update: Additional photos from Streacom.