Ultra-cheap AMD barebone

Not everyone needs a high-power Threadripper. For $129 get a 8W quad-core AMD Temash SoC (Radeon HD 8250 graphics), four USB 2.0, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet ports. Hopefully, more AMD-powered mini PCs are coming soon (can't wait for sub-15W Ryzen chips).

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HDPLEX 400W PSU review

John Morrison from SFF Network takes a look at the miniature modular power supply by HDPLEX, featuring SANYO and Fujitsu solid state capacitors: "... I then loaded the system, reaching a sustained peak of 350W at the wall, which works out to be around 300W output from the HDPLEX 300W AC-DC after conversion losses. During this test step, the HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX reached a maximum of 15 degrees above ambient, a fantastic result, and a hint that the PSU is very overbuilt for the task at hand.

Overall, my experience with the HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX was great, with no performance issues, great build quality and fantastic aesthetics. Apart from the aforementioned obfuscated chip issue, the product is well designed, stable under the testing I performed, and is overall good value for money."

Source: SFF Network


Insane AMD Threadripper scratch build

While most of us are happy enough cooling a simple desktop CPU passively, others are out of control (and we love it too). This upcoming project will feature AMD's spectacular Ryzen Threadripper and no less than two graphics cards. It's highly ambitious and frankly risky (especially in a horizontal case). We'll keep an eye on it.



Shuttle DS77U now $217

The Kaby Lake barebone rocks a Core-based Celeron 3865U, a much more powerful processor (especially in single thread performance) than the Apollo Lake Celerons.

The DS77U features two SO-DIMM slots (up to 32GB RAM), a card reader, two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort and HDMI ports, as well as two Intel Ethernet ports. The DS77U also comes with dust covers to hide those COM ports.

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Streacom FC8 Alpha upgrade

To increase the FC8 compatibility with most recent mini-ITX motherboards, Streacom is now shipping the case with a brand new set of heat pipes. The SH2 kit is also compatible with their HT4 thermal riser when components are blocking the path of the heat pipes.

Overall a good thing for temperatures too, since a CPU closer to the main heat sink and shorter heat pipes means greater cooling efficiency.

Source: Streacom


Our fanless Steam machine (and going AMD!)

AMD knows a thing or two about iGPU and the A10-7890K is a fantastic option for an all-in-one solution. The quad-core processor (up to 4.3 GHz) features the Radeon R7 Graphics and is perfect for indie games, even at 1080P.

There's only one passive heat sink capable of handling a 95W TDP monster, and it's Nofan's CR-95C. Please do not settle for Nofan's CR-80EH which is a different and vastly inferior cooler.

The Korean giant is absolutely unbeatable but will absolutely need air for natural convection to occur. If you can't go open-air (think Thermaltake's Core P3 or Core P5) make sure that your top panel is all mesh.

Clean and simple. We added Seasonic's 400W Platinum Fanless for stability and reliability, and voilĂ ! After one hour of online playing, temperature reaches the high 60s which is just fine. A powerful and trouble-free build.


SilverStone AD120-T

SilverStone launches the AD120-T, a very versatile power adapter specifically designed for Intel's Thin mini-ITX, mini-STX, and NUC motherboards (the AD120-T comes with seven different charger tips).

Totally fanless, the slim PSU can reach up to 90% efficiency, and 120W is enough juice to power a desktop build with a 65W processor.

Source: SilverStone


Coffee Lake available

Intel's 8th Gen Core desktop processors are now available, including the very first 4-Core i3 ($117.00), the unlocked i3-8350K ($179.00), and the very first 6-Core i5 ($187.00).

At 65W and 91W TDP passive cooling is achievable but will require top-notch cooling solutions only, like Nofan CR-95C or HDPLEX H5. 35W chips are not expected until early 2018.

Update: AnandTech and TechPowerUp reviews.


Rare Euler TX builds

Europe's leading custom PC builder PC Specialist is going fanless, offering highly configurable builds based on Akasa's Euler TX case. The systems feature ASUS' H110-T Thin mini-ITX motherboard, up to 32GB RAM, and Samsung's amazing 4TB SSD. Interestingly, PC Specialist went for 65W i3 and i5 Kaby Lake processors. Prices start at just 535 euros.

Source: PC builder


Passively-cooled PS4

This is nothing sort of a work of art. Here's a fanless PS4 made of aluminum, wood, and stone. This incredible piece of hardware is not only a feast for the eyes, but the vertical design and vertical cooling fins are perfect for natural convection. Feel free to follow the artist on Facebook for more.