Kaby Lake NUC bundles available

Several NUC bundles are available on Amazon featuring the Kaby Lake i5-7260U, 16GB of DDR4 memory, a 16GB Optane module, and a 120GB, 240GB, 480GB or 960GB SSD. Just add Akasa's Newton S7 or Plato X7 and you're good to go.

While Akasa's cases come with a few grams of perfectly serviceable thermal grease, we strongly suggest to use something more substantial like ARCTIC MX-4 or Noctua NT-H1.


Streacom FC8 review

SFF NETWORK reviewed Streacom's most ubiquitous case and enjoyed it a lot: "When using solid state storage, the system is completely silent, an amazing feat considering the sheer horsepower we can achieve nowadays, with adequate IGP performance and fantastic CPU performance available at 65 watts or below. If you’re looking to build that next level silent workstation, the Streacom FC8 Alpha is a fantastic choice."




The new HDPLEX H3 is the missing link between the H5 and the H1 cases. It has the same height as the H5, and same length as the upcoming H1 V2.

The H3 V2 will increase cooling capacity over the H1 and will feature up to two 3.5" bays (20TB of movies, anyone?). The H3 V2 will be available in Q4.

Source: HDPLEX


More Dawson Canyon NUC

Our friends over at Logic Supply are also working on their own fanless Dawson Canyon offering. The ML100G-31 Industrial Fanless NUC will feature a 7th Gen Intel Core i3-7100U or i5-7300U processor, Dual HDMI 2.0, LAN, two front and two rear USB 3.0 ports, as well as TPM and vPro support for the i5 model. Stay tuned for availability and pricing.

Source: Logic Supply


Ryzen PRO as a heat source

Heating Parisian homes while rendering Despicable Me and Minions? French company Qarnot has been providing free heat using cloud-based fanless computers for years now. Their latest venture includes hundreds of homes and offices in Bordeaux, thanks to AMD's new workstation-class processor.

"In terms of performance and features, the Ryzen PRO is a fantastic opportunity for Qarnot. In our testing, based on 3D rendering computations, we saw a performance gain of 30 to 45% compared to the Intel i7 we were previously using."

Source: Qarnot

Akasa Euler MX review

Akasa's Euler MX is the chubbiest Euler to date. Unlike the original case (compatible with Thin mini-ITX motherboards only), the MX fits several ASUS, GIGABYTE and ASRock regular mini-ITX boards. The team over at HWCooling was able to test it extensively with the i5-7600K (yikes) without significant throttling. Please note that Akasa recommends 35W processors only.

Being so thick, the Euler MX can stand vertically. In this position the case not only looks like a cute little tower, but temperatures are significantly lower. Our favorite Euler yet.

Source: HWCooling


Intel is going fanless

Intel acknowledges and promotes passively cooled NUC for the very first time in the introduction video for Dawson Canyon (now dubbed "the 7th Gen Intel NUC for Business"). It has been a long, painfully slow process. But we're getting there.

Source: Intel

Turemetal UP7

Turemetal launches a second case, this time for Intel processors up to 65W TDP. The UP7 features a more straightforward design than the UP2, with only one (albeit larger) side panel for cooling.

The 187 x 250 x  395 mm case is compatible with mini-ITX motherboards and fits a standard ATX power supply. Turemetal is looking for distributors in Europe and the US.

Source: Turemetal


Intel launches Dawson Canyon NUC

The Dawson Canyon NUC is an industrial-grade, TPM 2.0 and vPro enabled 7th Generation NUC, featuring two full-size HDMI 2.0 ports and designed for 24/7 operation. Board-only SKUs are back, which is an excellent news for fanless builders. Popular retailer and Intel partner Simply NUC will also offer custom passively-cooled Dawson Canyon systems in Q4.

✓ NUC7i3DNKE (i3 based thin chassis)
✓ NUC7i3DNHE (i3 based tall chassis)
✓ NUC7i5DNKE (i5 vPro based thin chassis)
✓ NUC7i5DNHE (i5 vPro based tall chassis)
✓ NUC7i3DNBE (i3 based board only)
✓ NUC7i5DNBE (i5 vPro based board only)
✓ NUC7i3DNFE (i3 fanless chassis)
✓ NUC7i5DNFE (i5 vPro fanless chassis)

Sources: Intel, Ein News, Simply NUC


The Roon Nucleus

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. The upcoming music server from Roon is everything we've ever wanted from a fanless NUC and more.

Design-wise, it's simple and understated while featuring the most impressive cooling solution. No throttling in sight for the Nucleus. The NUC-based music server will rock a 15W i3 or i7 processor as well as it's own Linux-based OS. Pricing will start from $1,200.

Sources: Computer AudiophileDigital Audio ReviewAudioStream