EXCLUSIVE: Streacom DB4 GPU cooler

Streacom is about to release the eagerly anticipated GPU cooling system for its popular DB4 case. The aluminum monolith will be able to house a 65W GPU (although we're hearing that 75W TDP is fine too) and finally become a true gaming machine.


600W fanless Nightjar

A second 600W fanless ATX power supply is in the works. SilverStone quietly showcased a powerful and fully modular unit at CES Las Vegas, and it does look a lot like Seasonic's 600W Titanium PSU. In fact, according to Tom's Hardware, it's the very same platform.




The successor to the Apollo Lake-powered LIVA Z is coming soon. The LIVA Z2 may look very similar to its predecessor, we're VERY pleased to report that cooling was totally revamped: the heat sink is now freely breathing on top. Rocking Gemini Lake SoCs, a 2.5" bay, USB ports on the back (finally!) and HDMI 2.0, the new LIVA looks like a keeper.


ZBOX CI660 detailed

The upcoming flagship fanless ZBOX from ZOTAC will rock a brand new look and Intel's mighty i7-8550U (although we suspect that i3 and i5 models are in the cards too). The barebone is designed to handle the 25W configurable TDP-up of the chip, which makes us even more curious about the cooling system.

Source: TechPowerUp


Meet the Intel Radeon NUCs

In an unprecedented move, Intel's upcoming gaming NUCs will be rocking Radeon graphics. The NUC8i7HNK (65W TDP) features the quad-core i7-8705G (3.1GHz up to 4.1GHz) and Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics, while the VR-capable NUC8i7HVK (100W TDP) features the i7-8809G (3.1GHz up to 4.2GHz) and Radeon RX Vega M GH graphics. Cooling these beasts passively will require a tremendous amount of copper and aluminum.

Source: Le Comptoir du Hardware

Update: The barebones will be available for $799 and $999 according to AnandTech.


Habey BIS-6862 Vs Shuttle DS77U

Another great review from Ganesh over at AnandTech comparing the horizontal HABEY i3-7100U barebone and Shuttle's vertical Celeron 3865U Slim PC.

"The Prime95 power virus test shows the protection mechanism kicking into action in the Habey system. After 15 minutes of continuous load, we see the power consumption at the wall going from around 30W to start oscillating between 18W and 32W. Correspondingly, the package power oscillates around the 15W mark. The protection against the power virus workload starts kicking in as soon as the package temperature reaches the 80C mark...

The Shuttle XPC Slim DS77U, on the other hand, shows that the package is actually configured for a maximum power of 10W. Thanks to the large number of ventilation holes and orientation requirements, the temperature of the package does not exceed 60C even under heavy loading."

Special thanks to Kannon for the tip.

Source: AnandTech


ZOTAC unveils its most powerful fanless ZBOX yet

ZOTAC's whole C series is about to be revamped with a brand new design and much, much more power. The new models will be rocking 10W Gemini Lake SoCs or (upcoming) 25W Coffee Lake-U processors. The mini PCs will be showcased at CES Las Vegas next week. We're hoping to finally see copper involved.

Source: TechPowerUp


Fully Silent PCs launched

Based in California, Fully Silent PCs features probably the most extensive collection of fanless computers. They are available in pre-configured systems or as fully-configurable builds. From this stylish low-power Silverstone/Mitac combo, to the highly sought-after Galactico, to this unique open-air setup, there's really something for everyone.


Turemetal UP7A available

Turemetal's second chassis is now available for $249 (free shipping to the US). The 187 x 250 x 395mm case handles 65W processors passively, can fit a regular ATX power supply and up to five storage drives. While all of this looks good on paper, we're in uncharted waters here...