PrimeMini 4 thermals

Fanless SilverStone PC build

Courstesy of Fully Silent PCs


Crucial's 32GB modules

Just in time for Frost Canyon. According to our sources, Intel's upcoming Comet Lake mini desktop is the first 4x4-inch NUC to officially support 64GB RAM. The i7 iteration will even ship with a 120W power adapter to ensure smooth performance. Crucial's unbuffered 32GB DDR4 module is available for a reasonable $160.

Update: The regular 288-pin DIMM module is also available for $162.

First Gemini Lake Refresh systems

FUJITSU's S9010, S7010, and S5010 thin clients are getting Intel's Gemini Lake Refresh desktop processors first. The flagship S9010 rocks the 10W Pentium Silver J5040, while the S7010 and S5010 feature the 10W Celeron J4125 and J4025. The passively-cooled thin clients also feature six USB ports, SO-DIMM slots, M.2 storage, Ethernet, two DisplayPorts, and run eLux or Windows 10 IoT Entreprise. We expect Gemini Lake Refresh mini desktops from mainstream brands (including brand new designs) early 2020. Stay tuned.



OnLogic's Karbon 700 review

"Throughout all of these different workloads tested, the Karbon 700 was doing an excellent job at keeping the processor and other components operating efficiently to the extent that any thermal throttling was at a minimum while operating at normal room temperatures.

In addition to having tested Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 19.10, a variety of other Linux distributions were also benchmarked on the OnLogic Karbon 700 without issue. Coming up in the next week or so will be those results of a multi-distribution comparison from the Karbon 700 for those curious. But long story short, with none of the modern Linux distributions tested were there any compatibility woes or problems.

Over the weeks of testing thus far and continuing to run the Karbon 700 in our labs, there haven't been any technical shortcomings encountered. As with industrial-grade PCs, the only downside to report with the Karbon 700 is the price."

Source: Phoronix

Silentmaxx TwinBlock on the cheap

Planning to passively cool the 127W i9-9900KS? The humongous and extremely rare Silentmaxx TwinBlock is available on eBay for $77. Manufactured by Deepcool for German PC builder Silentmaxx, the TwinBlock is usually exclusively available in their high-end Kenko range. The Twinblock is a 1.3kg dual-tower featuring 10 heat pipes.

Update: It's really, really big.


OnLogic's CL210G-10 now $238

"The front I/O includes two USB 3.0 ports, two Gb LAN port, two mini-DisplayPorts. The bottom includes one USB 2.0 port, and a 9 pin RS-232 box connector COM port. For future customizations, the top has four antenna holes for Wi-Fi or LTE via the system’s two mPCIe slots (one full-height, one half-height).

Equipped with the efficient Intel Celeron N3350 processor and 4GB of dual channel LPDDR4 memory, the AWS-CL210G-10 brings stable operation with Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT).

This industrial fanless gateway brings the ease of x86 architecture to the Ultra Small Form Factor with dual LAN and dual Mini Display Ports. Storage temperature range: -20°C to 70°C.

The industrial-grade Hardshell Fanless Technology found on the AWS-CL210G-10 not only looks good, but also protects the system from dust, debris, chemical, and moisture ingress. Its unique cast aluminum chassis efficiently dissipates heat while allowing for space-saving mounting with a DIN rail mounting kit included.

An mSATA slot (shared with the full-height mPCIe) or microSD card slot on the back can accommodate additional storage if more than the 32 GB of eMMC storage is needed."

Source: Amazon


Swan song for Noctua's NH-D14

Last chance to own the legendary Noctua CPU cooler. The dual-tower heat sink is still available in very small quantities for $79.95 in regular box or in easy-to-open packaging. The 900g premium cooler performs well in passive mode for 35W processors and even 65W i3s. Definitely a better option than the flimsy and clearly overpriced Nofan CR-80EH.


Frost Canyon NUC leaks

The next gen 4x4-inch NUC is upon us. Frost Canyon features Intel's Comet Lake U processors but is extremely similar to the Coffee Lake-powered Bean Canyon, only trading one of its front USB Type A port for a USB Type C port.

As usual, expect slim (M.2 storage only) and regular models (M.2 and 2.5" bay). It will be interesting to see how the new 15W Comet Lake chips with UHD Graphics compare to last year's 28W processors with eDRAM-infused Iris Plus Graphics. We can confirm that at least two third-party fanless cases are in the works.

Frost Canyon has a tentative release date set for December 12.

via @momomo_us

Update (EXCLUSIVE) : Frost Canyon WILL be 25W (cTDP).

Update #2 : Frost Canyon is the first 4x4-inch NUC to officially support 64GB RAM.


It's never too late

Got a noisy 5th Gen NUC from 2015 or a 7th Gen unit from 2017? It's not too late to make it silent using Akasa's Plato, available at half price on Amazon. Ditch the fan and enjoy a brand new computer with the Plato X, compatible with the Broadwell NUC (NUC5i7 / NUC5i5 / NUC5i3) or the Plato X7 compatible with the Kaby Lake NUC (NUC7i5 / NUC7i3).