Newton S bundles

Ready to use fanless Broadwell NUCs are now available in the UK (i3 5010U and i5 5250U versions). At 176.5 x 200 x 53.5mm the Newton S is the largest NUC chassis on the market and is matching the size of some mini-ITX solutions, but we're hearing that cooling is nothing short of stellar.

Source: Atlast! Solutions


Kabini will not let go

Two full years after its arrival AMD's A4-5000 is still a viable solution for HTPCs and entry-level desktops. Performance wise, the APU sits perfectly between Intel's Bay Trail / Braswell and the U series.

Hence the release of two additional ASRock motherboards, the mini-ITX QC5000M-ITX/PH and the microATX QC5000M. Very similar to last year's QC5000-ITX/PH, they both offer the same connectivity (two additional PCIe 2.0 x1 on the QC5000M).

Source: ASRock


Beebox video review

Wendell takes a look at ASRock's Cherry Trail Braswell mini PC. Some ill-informed remarks ("You can run fanless, but it's gonna run at 95°C the whole time, it's gonna be unstable, it's gonna lock-up, it's gonna be weird") and still no trace of Beebox's temperatures. Bummer.

Update: Temps available at TweakTown.

Update 2: Trouble in 4K paradise?


Braswell Vs Bay Trail

How do Intel's low power architectures compare? Technikaffe takes a look at ASRock's Q1900-ITX and N3150-ITX, and surprisingly CPU performance is virtually the same (a 5% improvement for Braswell at best). On the GPU side though, performance doubles.

Like its predecessor, Braswell offers "good enough" desktop performance, but really shines as a media player (including 4K videos). Lower power consumption and smaller thermal envelope also make Braswell the perfect contender for passive cooling.



Pimped-out HDPLEX H1

Not a lover of minimalism? Add some bling (and some valuable info) to your H1 passive chassis with tools, and a vacuum fluorescent display.

Source: SPCR forum


ASUS outs Braswell mini-ITX board(s)

ASUS gets us all the time. With numerous hardware safeguards, legendary reliability, the largest and most impressive looking CPU cooler, the N3050I-C is a no-brainer. A Celeron N3150 version should follow suit (and hopefully one with DC-in). The N3050I-C is already listed in France and the UK for about 75 euros.

✓ Celeron N3050
✓ 2 x UDIMM slots (DDR3 1600/1066 MHz)
✓ 1 x PCIe 2.0 x4 (x1 mode)
✓ 2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors
✓ 2 x USB 3.0 port
✓ 2 x USB 2.0 ports
✓ 1 x HDMI
✓ 1 x VGA
✓ 1 x COM port
✓ PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard
✓ 1 x Gigabit Ethernet

Source: ASUS 

Update: The N3150I-C is out.


PC Perspective reviews ZBOX CI321 nano

A rather enthusiastic review from Sebastian Peak, unfortunately without any consideration for temperatures. Still, ZOTAC is upping its game in 2015 with dual Gigabit LAN, rich I/O, Core-based designs, and low price point.

"The ZBOX nano has a high build quality and surprisingly good performance from its dual-core Celeron processor, though more demanding applications will bog down the system immediately. I was able to complete all of my usual desktop tasks easily on the nano, including document and even photo editing, though two 1.1 GHz cores are only going to take you so far with modern apps. Still, the utility and small size of the computer made it a nice addition wherever I placed it around the house, and the passive cooling made it an unobtrusive addition."

Source: PC Perspective


Tidbit: Beebox microsite goes live

ASRock showcases its pocketable desktop PC. We're still curious about the end product, but we're not holding our breath.

Source: ASRock


Tidbit: Inside the nimbini(s)

A sneak peek inside the cirrus7 nimbini office edition (Bay Trail) business edition (i3 / i5) and media edition (i7 / Iris Graphics). Much like the nimbus Extreme Edition, the high octane i7 version features a large pure copper heat spreader.

Source: cirrus7

Tidbit: BIOSTAR N3150NH

BIOSTAR jumps on the Braswell bandwagon with a quad-core Braswell Celeron motherboard. Kudos to them for listing the SoC's 6W TDP as thermal envelope (and not as power consumption as it's usually the case).

✓ Celeron N3150
✓ 2 x DDR3 1066/1600 MHz SO-DIMM slots
✓ 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1
✓ 2 x SATA III connectors
✓ 2 x USB 3.0 port
✓ 2 x USB 2.0 ports
✓ 1 x HDMI
✓ 1 x VGA
✓ 1 x PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard
✓ 1 x Gigabit Ethernet



Is ASRock trolling?

We don't know where to start. Bogus claims (Braswell standard limited to single channel memory and dual displays), "competitor's system" is their own N3700-ITX (ironically a dual channel memory and triple displays motherboard), horrible production values, laughable sound editing at 1:58 and 2:10. This doesn't help your cause in any way, ASRock.


Braswell NUC pops up on Amazon for $129

Intel's new entry-level NUC is coming soon at a pretty nice price. Powered by a 6W Braswell N3050 the diminutive PC features a 2.5" bay and a long-awaited SD card reader. Note that this very machine is actively cooled. You'll need a passive case, like Akasa's upcoming Newton P to silence it for good.

Source: Amazon (2)

Update: NUC5CPYH and NUC5PPYH officially launched.


ECS's Braswell lineup (and a smart move)

A large 300W+ ATX power supply for a 6W SoC is overkill. Fortunately, ECS's three Braswell motherboards come with a 19V DC-in connector. The CPU cooler is pretty basic and the boards feature only one memory slot, but ECS is finally enabling truly small (and fanless) systems.

✓ Celeron N3050 / N3150 / Pentium N3700
✓ 1 x DDR3L 1600 MHz SO-DIMM slot
✓ 1 x Half Size Mini PCI Express slot
✓ 2 x SATA III connectors
✓ 2 x USB 3.0 port
✓ 2 x USB 2.0 ports
✓ 1 x HDMI
✓ 1 x VGA
✓ 1 x PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard
✓ 1 x Gigabit Ethernet

Source: ECS


ASRock Beebox's cooling system

ASRock went for a small internal CPU cooler and a thermal pad (exclusive pic). How Zotac of them. Once again, an ultra low-power chip will most likely be able to throttle, or at least reach temperatures we're not confortable with.

It looks like the recent fanless mini PCs will do more harm than good to the fanless revolution. We're not impressed. For best results, go for a sizeable CPU cooler in a mesh / convection friendly chassis, or a heatsink case.


Inside Impactics NUC chassis

Courtesy of Atlast! Solutions

Impactics / Broadwell NUC systems

Atlast! Solutions is launching bundles featuring one of our all-time favorite NUC cases, Impactics D1NU. The Broadwell mini PCs are available from £429 (i3 / 4GB RAM / 120GB SSD) to £499 (i5 / 4GB RAM / 120GB SSD) with Windows, Linux Mint (a nice touch) or even OS-free.


Akasa's COMPUTEX booth

Akasa is debuting several fanless NUC cases in Taipei today, including:

✓ Plato. Extreme low profile fanless chassis for 5th Generation i3/i5 Intel NUC Rock Canyon and Maple Canyon (serial support for Maple Canyon on backplate). Plato will be available from resellers in the next week or so.

✓ Max S. Fanless chassis for 5th Generation i3 / i5 Intel NUC Rock Canyon and Maple Canyon with optical drive. Two front plates included for option of slot drive or regular notebook drive (serial support for Maple Canyon on backplate).

✓ Max MT. Fanless chassis for 5th Generation i3 / i5 Intel NUC Rock and Maple Canyons with 2 x 2.5" removable drives (serial support for Maple Canyon on backplate)

✓ Newton P. Fanless chassis for the yet-to-be-released Braswell NUC.

ASUS announces fanless VivoMini

"The VivoMini UN45 has a fanless design that lets it run silently even at full load, making it ideal for quiet offices and libraries..."

Via: Liliputing 

Update: The specs are here.

✓ Intel Braswell Celeron N3000
✓ 2 x SODIMM slots
✓ 1 x M.2 SSD slot
✓ 1 x 2.5" bay
✓ 3 x USB3.0 Ports
✓ 1 x HDMI
✓ 1 x mini-DisplayPort
✓ 1 x D-Sub
✓ 1 x Gigabit LAN
✓ WiFi 802.11ac & Bluetooth 4.0
✓ 13.1 x 13.1 x 4.2cm


EXCLUSIVE: Skylake NUC specs

The 6th Generation Core NUC is coming in Q3 (i3 model) and Q4 (i5 model). On the not-so-great news, mini-HDMI and mini-DisplayPort are here to stay, but (surprise!) SDXC card slot is now de rigueur. Already incredibly versatile, the NUC will be a serious option for photographers and content creators.

Out of the box, the Skylake NUC is actively cooled. But fanless cases from Akasa, HDPLEX, Streacom and cirrus7 are to be expected.

✓ Intel 6th Generation Core i3 / i5-6xxxU (15W TDP)
✓ Dual-channel DDR4 SODIMMs 1.2V, 1866 MHz (32GB max)
✓ Intel HD Graphics 6xxx
✓ 1 x mini HDMI 1.4a
✓ 1 x mini DisplayPort 1.2
✓ 2 x USB 3.0 ports on the back panel
✓ 2 x USB 3.0 ports on the front panel (1 x charging capable)
✓ 2 x Internal USB 2.0 via header
✓ Internal support for M.2 SSD card (22x42 or 22x80)
✓ Internal SATA3 support for 2.5" HDD/SSD (up to 9.5mm thickness)
✓ SDXC slot with UHS-I support on the side
✓ Intel 10/100/1000Mbps Network Connection
✓ Intel Wireless-AC xxxx M.2 soldered-down, wireless antennas
✓ IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4, Intel® Wireless Display
✓ Up to 7.1 surround audio via Mini HDMI and Mini DisplayPort
✓ Headphone/Microphone jack on the front panel
✓ Consumer Infrared sensor on the front panel
✓ 19V, 65W wall-mount AC-DC power adapter
✓ OS certs: Windows 10, 8 & 8.1
✓ OS compatibility: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE