Quiet PC's most affordable Nofan system yet

Quiet PC launches its Nofan A810 Silent Desktop. Based on the ASUS PRIME B360-PLUS ATX motherboard, Riotoro CR480 chassis, and featuring Intel's Coffee Lake processors, the highly configurable system starts from only £594 (no storage, no OS).

Cooling-wise, our advice is to use Nofan's CR-80EH only for sub-65W CPUs. Also, remember that the Nofan CR-95C is officially discontinued so don't miss the opportunity to own the legendary CPU cooler.

Source: Quiet PC


nimbini v2 priced from 499 euros

The redesigned nimbini - featuring even more cooling fins - is available for pre-order from 499 euros. The Media Edition is based on the regular Kaby Lake NUC while the Business Edition rely on Intel's industrial-grade Dawson Canyon platform.

The stylish mini PCs are configurable with up to 32GB RAM and 4TB SSD (English boutique coming soon). OS options include Windows, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint.

Source: cirrus7


Thermalright's Ryzen duo

Thermalright launches two AMA compatible Machos with passive option. The ARO-M14G and ARO-M14O are virtually identical to the original Macho Rev. B minus an enlarged copper base for 100% contact with the processor, and a nice Ryzen logo / color scheme.

As always with Thermalright, no mention of TDP in a strictly fanless setup, so 35W is the way to go.


nimbini v2 shipping within two weeks

The luxurious nimbini v2 will available for pre-order next week from and will feature Intel's Kaby Lake NUC7i3BN / NUC7i5BN / NUC7i3DN / NUC7i5DN / NUC7i7DN boards.

Versions rocking the NUC7i7BN and the more affordable Gemini Lake NUC7CJYH / NUC7PJYH are also coming soon.


Steampunk Nofan CR-95C build

Another reason to bring back the now discontinued Nofan CR-95C : its striking and odd beauty. Check out this stylish fanless Intel i5 build by Todd Lindström and enter a world of pure fantasy... in total silence since there's no moving parts.

Source: Todd Lindström

Steampunk Nofan CR-80EH build

Could it be Captain Nemo's PC? Another awe-inspiring i3-based computer featuring the Nofan CR-80EH. For te record, it's already been sold, but keep an eye on the artist for more...

Source: Todd Lindström


Quiet PC's Silent Phantom

Thermaltake's Core P cases are fantastic options for ultimate natural convection and therefore passive cooling. Quiet PC launches a spectacular - and fully configurable - system featuring Thermaltake's Core P3 and Nofan's CPU coolers. It's also probably the last chance to own the legendary Nofan CR-95C.

Source: Quiet PC


ZOTAC PI225 and PI335 available

ZOTAC's smallest fanless PCs are now available for $200 and $190 respectively. Both feature the 6W Celeron N3350 (Apollo Lake), 4GB RAM, 32GB storage, and Windows 10 Home. At least the PI335 packs an Ethernet port but frankly, we're not convinced by their cooling system and lack of local storage.


Fanless gaming PC from SCRATCH

Made of 10 kg of aluminum, an i7-7700K, a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, and most importantly a serious amount of talent. We're quite impressed.

Source: Youtube


MintBox Mini 2 available in June

The Linux Mint-branded fitlet2 ($176) will be available in two versions: the MintBox Mini 2 (Celeron J3455, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD) for $299 and the MintBox Mini 2 Pro (Celeron J3455, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD) for $349.

The MintBox Mini 2 features one M.2 slot (2260), one SO-DIMM slot, two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a miniSD card reader, two Intel Ethernet ports, and will ship with Linux Mint 19. Definitely the best way to support one of the most user-friendly Linux distro available.

Source: The Linux Mint Blog via Liliputing