Tranquil PC Haswell NUC case

Tranquil PC is upgrading its 110 x 164 x 47 mm chassis to Haswell. Compatible with Intel's D54250WYB (the actual board from the D54250WYK kit) the new case, featuring front audio and infrared sensor, is available right now for £99.

Quick facts about the D54250WYB:

✓ Intel Core i5-4250U
✓ Intel HD Graphics 5000
✓ Intel Gigabit LAN
✓ Two SO-DIMM sockets (up to 16 GB)
✓ Dual PCIe mini card connectors
✓ One Mini DisplayPort (DP 1.2)
✓ One Mini HDMI (HDMI 1.4a)
✓ Dual rear Panel USB 3.0 ports
✓ Dual front panel USB 3.0 ports
✓ Consumer IR sensor
✓ Headphone/microphone jack
✓ 19V, 65 W DC power connector