HDPLEX H1.S unboxing

The H1.S from HDPLEX is a unique product. It's the only fanless mini-ITX / Thin mini-ITX case available, and offers an unmatched 6 heat pipes cooling system. Build quality is nothing short of spectacular, with a nice mix of rugged, heavy aluminium alloy and clean, elegant lines.

The chassis comes as a self-assembly kit (we were not expecting this), fortunately it only took us less than 10 minutes to build the case itself. Also included in our package were the optional remote, HDPLEX internal 120W AC-DC adapter and HDPLEX 150W DC-ATX converter.

Building a whole system is detailed in the booklet and online and is pretty straightforward. The H1.S is available for $179 (free shipping to USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong).