Intel clarifies Skylake i3s TDP

We were puzzled, perplexed, and rather concerned about the real thermal enveloppe of Intel's Skylake desktop i3s (i3-6100 / i3-6300 / i3-6320). They were launched at 47W, then listed at 51W, and even 65W. Intel's Mikael Moreau was kind enough to reach to us, and offer an explanation:

"We understand there could be confusion for our customers and are working to address it. With regard to the TDPs listed, the 47W is incorrect and we have been working to fix those references.

51W is the performance power number which we provide so system designers understand the power level of a specific product.

That said, 65W is the listed thermal solution specification value that customers should use when selecting a suitable thermal solution for their system to ensure proper cooling."

So there you have it.