TechPowerUp reviews Streacom DB4

TechPowerUp takes a look at Streacom's unique passively-cooled chassis, and they seem to love it. Part computer case, part work of art, the DB4 is not for everyone but its appeal is undeniable. The DB4 is available for $299, £288, and 300€.

"From a design perspective, the cube's dimensions and perfectly constructed aluminum and uniquely shaped stands also come together to make the Streacom DB4 quite the sexy chassis. Thus, it is great to see that the interior is intricately engineered to enable utmost flexibility. The mounting plates may look simple, but the frame to attach them to, and the spring-loaded locks and mounting holes for all the panels of the chassis are really where it is at. The result is an extremely easy assembly process and that satisfaction of powering up a completely silent system."

Source: TechPowerUp