Intel launches Dawson Canyon NUC

The Dawson Canyon NUC is an industrial-grade, TPM 2.0 and vPro enabled 7th Generation NUC, featuring two full-size HDMI 2.0 ports and designed for 24/7 operation. Board-only SKUs are back, which is an excellent news for fanless builders. Popular retailer and Intel partner Simply NUC will also offer custom passively-cooled Dawson Canyon systems in Q4.

✓ NUC7i3DNKE (i3 based thin chassis)
✓ NUC7i3DNHE (i3 based tall chassis)
✓ NUC7i5DNKE (i5 vPro based thin chassis)
✓ NUC7i5DNHE (i5 vPro based tall chassis)
✓ NUC7i3DNBE (i3 based board only)
✓ NUC7i5DNBE (i5 vPro based board only)
✓ NUC7i3DNFE (i3 fanless chassis)
✓ NUC7i5DNFE (i5 vPro fanless chassis)

Sources: Intel, Ein News, Simply NUC