Habey BIS-6862 Vs Shuttle DS77U

Another great review from Ganesh over at AnandTech comparing the horizontal HABEY i3-7100U barebone and Shuttle's vertical Celeron 3865U Slim PC.

"The Prime95 power virus test shows the protection mechanism kicking into action in the Habey system. After 15 minutes of continuous load, we see the power consumption at the wall going from around 30W to start oscillating between 18W and 32W. Correspondingly, the package power oscillates around the 15W mark. The protection against the power virus workload starts kicking in as soon as the package temperature reaches the 80C mark...

The Shuttle XPC Slim DS77U, on the other hand, shows that the package is actually configured for a maximum power of 10W. Thanks to the large number of ventilation holes and orientation requirements, the temperature of the package does not exceed 60C even under heavy loading."

Special thanks to Kannon for the tip.

Source: AnandTech