Why get a fanless PC?

Rave reviews from newly converted buyers:

"It is marvelous to have a completely silent computer, my last two were junked because of rattling fans and hard disks. It is also cheap to run - about £20 per year if you never turn it off."

"It never becomes warm, even with extended high activity, I also love the total silence, exactly what I was expecting."

"After 18 months its still blazing fast, works as good as day 1, zero maintenance as fanless and dust free. (Having had many many previous failures/issues due to failed fans and overheated/dust clogged PCs over the years)."

"I've referred other audiophiles and videophiles to this source for quiet and living room friendly fanless PCs that don't skimp on the specs either and won't bankrupt you like custom boutique name brands models being employed as media servers/streamers."

"Before this computer I always need to digitally remove the constant fan noise of the CPU and the power supply. But with this machine, it is dead silent. I am amazed at what it can do without making the least of noise. And for whom cares, it is extremely power efficient."

Source: Atlast! Solutions