A walk down memory lane

10 years ago, Shuttle launched its first fanless mini PCs. The XS32HD and the XS29F featured Intel's Atom N270 and VIA's VX800 respectively. Despite ultra-low TDPs of 2.5W and 5.5W, the systems rocked an impressively large copper heat sink. Today's manufacturers could learn a thing or two from these groundbreaking products.

"At Computex 2009, Shuttle will unveil to media and industry insiders for the first time its latest technology – fanless solutions. Energy efficiency, durability, and affordability are the key elements of the new product line, making it ideal for office and Internet-related tasks. Intel® Atom and VIA Nano™ based models – XS32 HD and XS29F respectively – will be launched with a fanless design and come in a size that’s only 3 liters small. These fanless solutions feature a radiator for system cooling which does away with a need for a fan and thereby keeps the system ultra quiet. The XS32 HD also supports HDMI for high-resolution HD-playback, and is very well-suited for home entertainment."

Sources: Shuttle, Youtube