OnLogic introduces their own Rugged Industrial Computers in Europe

OnLogic (www.onlogic.com), a leading European industrial and IoT computer hardware manufacturer, has introduced their innovative rugged industrial computer, the Karbon Series, to the German market. The Karbon Series is shock & vibration resistant, has a wide operating temperature, high configurability and custom I/O options. The OnLogic Karbon Series includes the small form factor Karbon 300 and the GPU capable Karbon 700.

Michael Kleiner, VP of Engineering at OnLogic is the German Engineer who led the development effort for these new systems. “The Karbon series was created by pushing the limits of what a rugged computer could be," says Kleiner. "Our systems were designed to solve even the most complex challenges of users by creating a modular platform that ensured flexibility and versatility without sacrificing reliability or making the cost of the systems too high.”

Where other computers fail, the Karbon Series has been designed to thrive. Considering that every IoT project is completely unique, the Karbon systems are highly configurable. Not only does Karbon bring rugged industrial computing in a feature-rich form factor, it also does this locally, in Europe. The Karbon Series is built in and shipped from the Netherlands, ensuring a fast delivery and assembly within the European market.

Designed for the European Market

Europe is marked by technology leaders, and thus requires high-quality and extremely reliable solutions with high performance, which is exactly what the Karbon series offers. European factories, machine builders, rail and public transport, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence applications increasingly require powerful computing solutions to power their latest innovations. European companies have already begun working on projects using Karbon for in-vehicle, automation and data processing applications.

The Karbon 300: compact performance

Built to withstand 50G of impact force and 500Hz of vibration, the Karbon 300 brings rugged industrial computing in a small form factor. Not only does it benefit from a wide operating temperature range of -25°C ~ 70°C, it also features modular customisation options which allow users to push rugged industrial IoT projects even further. With a height of 5.6 centimeters, the system can be installed wherever it's needed.

The Karbon 700: Expanded Capabilities

For situations where more power is needed in a rugged Industrial form factor, the Karbon 700 has the same core capabilities of the Karbon 300 and adds more features and stronger processing, with up to Intel i7 and Intel Xeon CPUs. The Karbon 700-SE has room for I/O Expansion and offers a PCIe slot to add mini ITX GPUs. When even more power is needed, the Karbon 700-X2 can be configured  with full height GPUs. Additional options include AI accelerators and PoE.

More information, configuration options and pricing for  the Karbon Series is available at https://www.onlogic.com/eu-en/computers/rugged/karbon/ or by visiting the product pages of the Karbon 300 and the Karbon 700. For questions or assistance with configuration, email info.eu@onlogic.com or call +31 88 5200 755.